7 Minute Diet Review

7 Minute Diet -An easy way to shed extra pounds?

7 Minute Diet is a weight loss guide written by Jon Benson, Kelli Jennings and Nathan Hopkins. Unlike other popular weight loss plans and guides available online, it doesn’t concentrate just on diet and exercises.


  • A diet guide with 21 clinically proven fat burning tricks
  • No diet no exercise
  • Suitable for everyone trying to lose weight
  • Economically priced


  • Official website does not give detailed information
  • Not many customer reviews available online  at present

No Diet No Exercise Way to Burn Fat?

Does it look too good to be true? Even I felt so when I first read about The 7 Minute Diet. But after collecting all necessary details on it, I found it to be one book that every weight loss aspirant must possess.

7 Minute Diet Gives You 21 Weight Loss Tricks!

Yes, you get 21 interesting tricks or tips called “Switches”in this weight loss guide. All you need is Turn these Switches On, automatically you start burning thousands of more calories than before and you even start eating less.

In turn, you start losing fat under your skin faster but in an easy and healthy way.

Why is this called 7 Minute Diet?

You need to spend just 7 minutes a day to follow these simple fat burning tricks or switches. But you can lose all those unwanted extra pounds by following the 7 minute switches.

Which are the 21 Fat Burning Switches in 7 Minutes Diet?

You will have to read this slimming guide to know these weight loss switches. But every trick mentioned over there has sound clinical study backings.

Each of these 21 tricks is described in detail in separate chapters clearly explaining us on how they help us in burning more calories than before.

For example, Switch No.1 tells us how to fight fat with fat, while Switch No.2 reveals how Vitamin D consumption can make us burn more calories. Like these you get 21 switches or fat burning tricks in 7 Minutes Diet.

Buy 7 Minutes Diet

7 minutes Diet is not a scam. It is a weight loss guide that everyone must possess. It guides you on how to lose weight with fewer efforts doing some smart work (instead of hard work).

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