Hoodia Gordonii V/s Prescription Drugs

A look at the difference between Hoodia Gordonii and prescription medicine.

One of the most perturbing points about modern day diet pills is that, in order for them to work what they claim to do (which is to make you loose weight), you have to bear up with the side effects caused by the medication. Since obesity is a problem of modern life, these prescription diet pills or medication were discovered, fairly lately and so there was not much scope to test them effectively for side effects. The side effects were discovered only after taking the medication for a long time.

The price of a prescription diet drugs are quite high. Since prescription medicines have such setbacks, natural products like Hoodia are gaining popularity.

Hoodia is a natural alternative to prescription diet pills, because it can suppress your appetite, without causing any negative effects. It works by suppressing your appetite, by making your brain think that you do not need any more food. This in turn leads to the burning of body fat for energy. When the pills are taken over a period of time, you will loose weight without experiencing any bad symptoms and reach your ideal weight.

Another big advantage of taking a natural supplement like Hoodia, is that it is priced lower than prescription drugs. You can get a bottle that costs you around $55. Other Hoodia supplements such as liquids and patches, which are even more effective, are available for a lesser price than their prescription drug equivalents. Above all what is driving the popularity of Hoodia as is that its content is purely natural, unlike prescription medicine, in which the content is based only on chemicals.

Editor Note (August 2013) :

We no longer recommend appetite suppressant like Hoodia as the market is filled with 100’s counterfeit supplements. Instead we recommend supplements like Adiphene which is more than a mere hunger controller. Read the review here.

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