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Aloe Vera Facts, Fictions and SCAMS!

Aloe Vera, which looks more like a cactus, is one of the common ingredients to cure wound, burns, improve blood glucose levels in a diabetic, antifungal ointment, and cosmetics. Aloe Vera, which is now considered as a houseplant, is a native to northern African region. Aloe Vera juice or gel is believed to improve your skin and increase hair care.

But its use as one of the “care” products is not new. Its usage can be trailed back 6,000 years to Egypt, where it was called as “the immortality plant.” Although it was later found that it the name was addressed in a philosophical way, it was still used for healing wounds and treating skin irritations. It was even taken orally as a laxative, which is still the only substantiated internal use of Aloe Vera.

From outside, the leaf of an Aloe Vera plant is rubbery and smooth in touching, while the aloe gel is found in a tissue inside the leaves of Aloe plant, while aloe latex or aloe juice is found beneath the outer leaves of the plant’s skin. Now the terms “gel” and “juice” are two different things but some times the cosmetic product makers don’t define their usage.

So far the researchers have found more than 200 species of aloe vera, with most of them considered to be nutritious, effective and significant in treating various ailments including disorders related to skin and hairs. It is also used to treat itching, to help in healing blisters, to lighten the dark spots on the face, to reduce the intensity of pigmentation and others.

One of the most important species of aloe vera plant is known as Aloe Vera Barbadensis, which is generally used in beauty, hair, skin and other cosmetic as well as medicinal products for many years.

Until 2002, the products with aloe laxative were available as oral over-the-counter (OTC) laxatives but the FDA after that year decided to remove the products from the market in the United States as the manufacturers did not provide the required safety data related to aloe laxative products.

It also has potential side effects including abdominal cramps and diarrhea when taken orally, may reduce lower blood glucose levels risky for people with diabetes, and diarrhea can also reduce the effect of other medication.

Several companies make false claims through their products, advertisements, and websites, where they post bold testimonials that aloe vera can cure fatal diseases or disorders like AIDS or cancer. But most of these claims have not be substantiated or proved by researchers as they are still in the process to find beneficial use of the plant in curing chronic conditions in patients across the world.

Studies have shown that aloe gel or the juice, which is the used for internal consumption, has not proved to be effective against any disease. Even aloe skin care products have not proven effective in most cases as it is considered as a marketing gimmick by big companies.


  1. IRIS PALLAS says:

    I have read some studies have shown aloe vera is beneficial. And even if there are no studies showing any benefits, the testimonial I have read indicates many people have found it has helped them with varius conditions.

  2. Aloe in general, has been known as a very positive topical skin care medication, not to mention internally if taken in specific amounts

  3. My dad has used pure aloe vera gel for years to reduce redness and irritation on his face since he has sensitive skin.

  4. paula pills says:

    hey – just wanted to recommend a greay organic aloe vera cream I tried. Its from the Made from Earth skin care line and its called “pure aloe vera treatment”..

    its all chemical free and i have seen a majro difference in my skin..its like applying real aloe to your skin…i used it at night, when i woke up the next day, my skin was looking so fresh…very deep moisturizing.

  5. Albert E Bacon says:

    I received an Nature City Aloe Vera Catalog in the mail. I realize that Aloe is Good for many medical uses. I would like to receive comments pro or con on Natrure City Aloe Vera products. Thanks.

  6. Whoever wrote this must have been tasked to do this in an afternoon. First off there is only one Aloe vera. But the Aloe species has over 400 species in its genera. That being said, Aloe Vera Barbadensis is not the name. It would be Aloe Barbadensis, which is one species and Aloe Vera is another species. This web site has much disinformation from a group that wishes to post things on their web site just so they can sell a product even if it means not providing accurate information.

  7. actually says:

    Actually, Phil, the history is not the point here. The point is that aloe is bullshit for internal use, unless you like to shit a lot. It works for some external issues. You can find this info anywhere. Aloe is one of the biggest scams around. Go peddle your salesman propaganda somewhere else.

    • I don’t know what you have been taking but obviously it WAS crap. My parents turned me on to aloe vera juice after my father had taken it for one month and found that the juice not only cured the extreme dryness on his hands, but also stopped the pain and bloating of diverticulitis.
      I tried it and as someone who has suffered from diverticulitis for many years and found NOTHING that stopped the pain and bloating, it WORKED. You stated that it caused diarreaha but I have not had that result. Another thing that I also found was that it made my skin much softer (also used the gel)and at 54 years of age, I look considerably younger (according to complete strangers).
      I was at the dr. the other day and was told that my blood pressure was considerably lower than it had been, although I am under a great deal of stress at the moment. She said ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it’.
      The point is, although you may not have seen the results you expected, that doesn’t mean that it’s garbage.

  8. laxative says:

    “Actually,” are you attesting to the fact that, from your personal experience, Aloe Vera does indeed work as a laxative when taken internally?

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  10. aloe consumer says:

    I have intake galons of ALOE VERA GEL and other recomended products of FOREVER LIVING.
    I spent a lot of moeny witout any result;
    Thaks God they didn`t make something bad,but nothing good instead
    I intaked CLEAN 9 pack, foreverlite pack and I paid more than 600 USD for nothing.
    Is the second time when an AMERICAN company foolis me
    The first one was IRDUSA-LOS ANGELES who sold to me some magnetsa as fuel savers but instead to burn better fuel they burned my 300 USD I paid for them.
    Now I am asking myself what will folow?

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