Amanda Hamiltons’ Weight Loss Success Story

Sinead has lost two stone since starting the programme in January, reaching her goal weight of 9 stone 11lbs in time for her 40th birthday.

Earlier this year, Sinead took part in Amanda Hamilton’s accelerated weight loss case study group. This involved intermittent fasting – ordinarily we wouldn’t recommend skipping meals, but this approach enables you to do so safely, by maximizing the nutritional quality of other meals. It can work well for people who have a busy lifestyle or who simply don’t enjoy breakfast. We’ll be incorporating it into the meal planner as an option in the near future.

‘I decided to try Amanda Hamilton Weight Loss because I was determined to lose two stones by my birthday in April. I’d tried Slimming World before but it didn’t work with my lifestyle – I didn’t have time to stay for classes and childcare was an issue. I saw the Groupon ad for AHWL and I thought I’d give it a go.

I loved the fact that you can do everything on the web and while I was initially anxious about all the cooking involved – I’d never really cooked before – I started to really enjoy it. In the first week after doing the cleanse I lost 5lbs which was amazing, especially as I didn’t feel hungry at all. I’d fractured my foot so I couldn’t do any exercise at all, so it was incredible to see such great results and gave me the impetus to continue.

I never looked at it as a diet as such, just a totally different way of eating. It’s taught me portion control – I never thought 100g of protein would be enough to stop me feeling hungry.

I’ve tried all sorts of things I’d never eaten before, such as butternut squash, and I now make loads of soups and risottos which I never would have dreamed of trying to cook before.

I took part in Amanda’s accelerated weight loss trial, which involved intermittent fasting and found it really easy as I did six days of no breakfast, but incorporated the same number of calories into the rest of the day’s food. It really worked. I’d lost a stone in the first month and everyone’s reaction has been amazing. I’ve bought several pairs of jeans as the weight continues to slip off me!
I use the website every day. I go into the kitchen section and see what’s happening, I like Amanda’s Wisdom, I check my daily plan, my menu plan and the tip of the day. I also really enjoy the webinars.

I love the plan because it’s easy, accessible and there’s always someone there to help I have any issues or questions, either from the Community or Sarah the nutritionist.

I got to my goal weight by my birthday and was delighted to get into a size 12 Phase Eight dress (my husband’s reaction was incredible!) and I’ve also worn leggings again which I never thought I would. The plan has given me enormous confidence and I have so much more energy now. I’ve started body combat classes and want to try all sorts of different things. My friends are so impressed with how I look and I can’t recommend the AHWL plan more strongly.’

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