Apatrim Diet Pill Review

Apatrim Slimming Pills

apatrim_01Apatrim is an appetite suppressing diet pill known for its exaggerated weight loss claims in TV advertisements. Its official website calls it as “willpower in a bottle” discovered by scientists without mentioning their names. But all it has in its formulation is just one herbal extracts.

Apatrim ingredients:

Apatrim has only one ingredient “Caralluma extracts”. Nothing else! Unfortunately the official website has not mentioned about dosage in each Apatrim pill.

Does Apatrim aid weight loss? – Real clinical trial reports are not positive on it!

The seller’s website claim that the Caralluma extracts based slimming pill can suppress appetite effectively to aid stunning (?) weight loss, they even show some clinical evidence, but there are doubts as to whether the clinical data displayed there is genuine.

In fact, one of the popular clinical trial conducted on “Caralluma Extracts” has proven to aid weight loss of just 2 pounds in 2 months. The report on this clinical study clearly says that “Caralluma Extracts” do not aid significant weight loss.

Apatrim side effects and user feedback

Should not cause dangerous side effects. Not enough user reviews are available to make any reference as to whether these work or not.

Hoodia Supplements are much better than Apatrim

Considering its ingredient, it does not appear to be a promising diet pill. When we have genuine hoodia supplements at reasonable prices on the market, buying Apatrim for appetite suppression wouldn’t be a wise idea. Hoodia Gordonii is globally acknowledged for its appetite suppressing molecules.

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  2. Betty walker says:

    I,m having problems sleeping I can’t sleep I stay away almost all night I been taking Apatrim 4 days

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