Apidexin Slimming Pills Review – Dangerous side effects?

Don’t Buy Apidexin without reading this review

Apidexin slimming pill is meant for boosting metabolic rate and thereby aid weight loss. The sellers of this supplement make a generic weight loss claim of aiding people to lose weight by 400% more.

Apidexin ingredients

Apidexin is made using Razberi-K (raspberry),  Wakame Seaweed Standardized to 10% Fucoxanthin, Guggul EZ 100, Thermodiamine, Forslean 95% Forskohliin, Lipolide-SC, Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate (Contains caffeine), Bioperine (Black pepper extract).

The official website uses “patent pending” prefix to its 8 ingredients, but this doesn’t mean its effectiveness. Patents have nothing to do with its ability to aid weight loss.

How does it work?

Apidexin has ingredients that are said to  increase lean muscle mass, speed up food absorption (this might make you to eat more!), control blood sugar levels, increase energy (has caffeine and so can increase metabolic rate), aid fat oxidation.


  • Apidexin has caffeine, a proven fat burner.


  • Can cause side effects like sleeplessness, headache, nausea, restlessness, increase in heart rate etc.
  • One of the ingredient triggers hunger.
  • Doesn’t disclose proportioning of ingredients in the formulation. So cannot comment on its effectiveness.
  • No clinical backing
  • No details of the company, no contact details and so not trustworthy.
  • Unclear weight loss claims make this look like another slimming pill scam.


Personally, I wasn’t impressed when I visited Apidexin website to find some wordings like  “Patent pending”,  “400% more weight loss” etc. They do not disclose ingredient proportioning. I was very disappointed when I could not find any company details and contact address. Considering these, I really do not suggest you to go for these.There are many good slimming supplements on the market.

You can find user feedback on Apidexin below.

Where to buy Apidexin?

After analyzing lots of user reviews and comments my opinion is it’s probably working. But there are definitely some side effects. I suggest you to buy it from Amazon.com – cheaper and more reliable. Buy Apidexin from Amazon.com


Apidexin Alternative : Phen375

Phen 375 is a metabolism booster and weight loss pill which is said to be a safe alternative for phentermine pills.

Its official website claims to help one lose 3-5 pounds a week when combined with 30 day diet plan provided by them.

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  1. This is day 5 of taking the pill. I have not started the detox yet. I have noticed a change in appetite. However, I have not lost any weight. I weigh 141 and I am trying to get down to my highschool weight of 125. I will try to update!

  2. I have been taking apidexin for 7 days today combined with improved diet, vibration plate exercises every other day and zumba when I find the time which in all honesty is probably about 1-2 times a week. Have only lost 1lb in weight but have definitely noticed a decrease in my apetite and I feel the urge to do some form of exercise where as before I did as little as possible. I have also noticed a vast improvement in my body shape. I look an awful lot leaner than before and my clothes ae fitting me better. I am a compulsive eater and want to eat even when I am not hungry so I had a lot of trouble with snacking in between meals but these tablets seem to have reduced that urge greatly.
    I will try to remember to do a progress report once I have finished the bottle

    • Well how did it go after your first bottle. Of course there site says all the good stuff, here I find people with Headaches and not working. What do you think does it work?

  3. I took these pills for 3 days. Yes, I lost about 4 lbs. but I felt terrible so I stopped taking them. I have to work so I don’t want to be dazed and confused all day. Plus I felt tired. Save your money and go buy some fiber 1 bars and fruit…drink plenty of water. Much better for you and you will feel full. Good Luck everyone!

  4. I started taking apidexin yesterday. I have had no side affects at all. It came really fast in the mail. I have one problem its doing nothing for me. Every one says they are taking one and two a day. On the bottle it says to take 1-3 pills at breakfast and 1-3 pills at lunch. I have taken 2 in the morning and 2 at lunch. I am still so hungry. I am drinking lots of water and everything. Someone said to cut the pill in half how can you its a capsal.

    • Do NOT take take that many it only says to take 1-2. The first one 30mins before breakfast and the last one 30mins before lunch. Some ppl just take the first…please be carefull 4 a day is too much.

  5. Mrs. Perk says:

    I have been taking these pills for about 2 weeks and I did not notice any side effects at first. However, I’ve suffered with a severe headache that just doesn’t seem to go away. My head has hurt for 3 days now. As far as weight loss, I have lost 3 lbs., but have decided to quit taking at this time.

  6. Hi I would like to know if anyone has ordered from the apidexin website to be delivered in south africa. I ordered mine 10 days ago and would like to know how long it takes for delivery. I am so distressed about the comments I have just reaD! 🙁

  7. They not only did NOT work but kept me awake at night! The website referenced has on the opening page LIFETIME, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I continued to take them for 3 months hoping something would “kick in” — to no avail. After emailing for instructions I am told the guarantee is ONLY one bottle plus any unopened which they RESELL!!! Good grief!!! How safe can that be??? Sure wish I had known. I had to “click” on the guarantee to see what the provisions of that guarantee were. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!!!

  8. Hi Everyone ..
    I found a website that more peeps are giving better reviews on the pill .

    I just ordered mine over at Amazon.com because I trust that site and know I will get my pills as other sites your taking a chance that they send it to you .

    Those who keep saying they get headaches that is normal so you need to drink lots of water to keep and drinking water is a good thing so drink up !

    You must go on a low calorie plan for this to work you can’t get whatever you want this is not a magic pill it helps curb your appetite but you have to do your part and stay away from junk food and fast food . Remember this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix .

    Oh and one last thing ..
    Some people it takes a few weeks for the pill to kick in so don’t be so quick to give up the side affects will pass but in the mean time stick to it and drink water not soda .

  9. nicolene says:

    were can i buy apidexin in South Africa?

  10. Hey! I have been taking two pills everyday for about two weeks. Yes I started out with the headaches, but they have gone away. I also have lost about 5lbs.

  11. I started taking apidexin and im on day 4 today. i weighed myself before and i was 156lbs and i am 5’4 I havent weighed myself since but i will do probably tomorrow. i would like to lose about a stone. To start with i felt great! i had a slight increase in energy during the day but by the evening i was wide awake. i took 1 pill at 7am before breakfast and 1 pill at 12.30 before my lunch. i do drink lots of coffee so this might explain why im so awake to be fair. i didnt suffer with headaches or sickness and i have noticed i don’t feel quite so hungry and i cant eat as much as i get full up quicker. since last night i have felt a bit sick. my tummy feels really fragile and i feel a bit weak and shakey. i dont know if its because im on sertraline which is an SSRI drug to treat my anxiety. this might be making me a bit sensitive to the pills but even so, im ok and i will continue to take them as i feel that when i look in the mirror, already my face appears thinner and my body seems to have toned up a little. looks like i have lost a bit but i shall find out tomorrow no doubt! wish me luck. this pill is definately worth a go. do not take if you are on the MAOI anti depressants tho i hear they are not good together. GOOD LUCK ALL!!!! xx

    • I was sent some `Apidexin` Pills as the ones i bought didnt work for me, in fact i put on weight with another kind of slimming pill. But mine were not in a bottle they came in a little net bag, and im scared to take them. Can anyone tell me what they are supposed to look like. These ones are solid white sort of oval in shape.Can anyone help me please.

  12. Hey, it’s Day one of taking Apidexin, I’m taking 1, 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 30 min before lunch. Reviews seem to be all over the place for this diet pill, so thought I would report my findings. I will report back in 3 days.
    Put off by the fact that the values of the ingredients are not listed. So I would definitely not recommend anyone with a heart condition, diabetes, stomach ulcer,asthma,high blood pressure, renal disease, insomnia and certain other mental disorders especially if you are taking any other CNS stimulants, such as some anti-depressant drugs. High levels of caffeine will be the cause for the majority of side effects, such as headaches, insomnia, anxiety, jitters etc and whether you have side effects I think will depend on how you are consuming it, and how much caffeine you would usually consume on a daily basis. The high level of vit B-12 in the average healthy person will have little affect as the body can only ingest a fixed percentage of what is ingested. Looking through the ingredients most are natural and have few side effects, irvingia gabonesis though is a type of mango, which is a common allergy, so take caution perhaps if you do. Razberi-k is basically a ketone extract of red rasberries, fucoxanthin 10% is a kelp extract or edible seeweed, guggul ez-100 is a synthetic thyroid stimulant, lipolide sc is found in the salvia sclarea plant or in clary sage(kind used for cooking)no studies support it’s claim to incease rate of fat burning, evodiamine found in evodia fruits has similar properties to capsaicin (ingredient in peppers that makes them hot) some studies have shown it to aid in fat loss and bioperine is a standardized extract from black pepper and increases the bioavailablility of other compunds ie. increasing bodily uptake of the aforementioned compounds.
    Well we’ll see how this spicy, mango, seaweed concoction works for weight loss.

  13. So I just received my pills and detox and started this morning. I notice the pills are a different color. More tan that off-white (Apidexin) but anyway, took detox and Apidexin in the morning about 10:15 then ate yogurt and soft pretzel for breakfast/ lunch. Wasn’t hungry most of the day but mouth was EXTREMELY dry. Took second dose of Apidexin and detox at about 3:00. Had pancakes for dinner around 7ish. Not completely sure about my weight, but I’ll weigh myself tomorrow and post again soon.

    • It’s a few hours later and as I promised I weighed myself. 130 pds. Would like to lose 15 pds. We’ll see how it goes

  14. i used apidexin for 2mnths,lost no weight felt tired all the time and sleep pattern was disturbed. waste of £60 not happy. its a con

  15. hey i ordered apidexin 10 days ago from us (apidexin site) – to be delivered to australia and in my tracking order it hasnt mooved scince the 17th of november, how long did it take for your pills to arrive to ausstralia ?

  16. i was just reading everyones comments idk wat to think.im 20 yrs old and after my second pregnacy i gain like about 30 pounds i dont want to be fat i get depress so i want to know if the pills really work,or what about slimquick ultra fat burner has any one try that cause i read that that it works but idk what do u guys think i should take…

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