I can’t Lose Weight – Getting rid of negative mindset!

A short while ago I weighed well over 220 pounds (I was small boned and only 5’6″, had high blood pressure, borderline diabetic and my personal life was in a total melt down. I couldn’t hold a job because of my health problems and the people I tried to work with were worse than children about me being overweight.

Aerobic V/s Anaerobic for fat loss – which is effective?

Most people that want to lose fat and build a muscular body ARE combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise the WRONG way! The sad fact is, most workouts claiming to burn fat by combining both exercises are doing “bodybuilding” style weight training followed by an aerobic activity.

Lets Start Walking!

There should be no excuse for you to not walk a short distance each day. No matter how full your day is, you can for certain find 10 minutes here and there for a brisk walk. Another possibility is to join a gym and use their treadmill’s for a half hour or so daily.

Fish Oil Benefits

Omega 3, is among the primary reasons that fish oil is extremely important, but if you eat a great amount of fish this may not be a problem. When you continue to read this write-up you’ll learn why fish oil is so important to your overall health.

5 Reasons to Drink Water!

Now let’s discuss on the importance of water for mankind and its role in keeping ones health. As we all know, water is basic need for the survival of human beings, regardless of sex and age.

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