Amanda Hamiltons’ Weight Loss Success Story

I took part in Amanda’s accelerated weight loss trial, which involved intermittent fasting and found it really easy as I did six days of no breakfast, but incorporated the same number of calories into the rest of the day’s food

Lauren Cobb lost 25 lbs using Proactol

Here is weight loss success story of Lauren Cobb, a student, who lost 25 lbs in 4 months using Proactol slimming pills. Now she has just 8 more pounds to lose to reach her weight loss goal. Read this success story and get inspired. She has proved that losing weight is easy when you follow a healthy diet combined with proven weight loss supplement. Read this article for details.

Truth About Mothers and their Daughters’ Resemblance on Body Fat

The Truth About Mothers and their Daughters’ Resemblance on BMI Charts. Is it true that mothers and their daughters’ resemblance on BMI is a sure thing? It’s easy to assume that a daughter might take after her mother’s eating habits and have a similar BMI as her mother, for many reasons. But they might not […]

Teenage Pregnancy Diet Plans

The Quick Facts About Teenage Pregnancy Diet Plans If you are searching for teenage pregnancy diet plans, then you are aware that it is important. As any mother will know, there are many special dietary needs that teenagers have. Whether you have a growing teenage boy or a growing teenage girl, you understand that there […]

Quick Weight Loss Centers

Quick Weight Loss Centers And If They Can Help You There are many quick weight loss centers out there, and many people have used them to try and lose the weight that they do not want. But do any of those centers actually work? For many people, these centers can not provide for them anything […]

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