Captiva – Stretch Marks Cream one month Free Trial Review

Stretch marks and embarrassment – a common problem

Most of the women develop stretch marks (or striae, the term dermatologists use) during Pregnancy. Men and younger women get them too, especially during puberty, when the body changes rapidly. So nearly everyone has got a few stretch marks somewhere on their body. Unfortunately, the stretch marks often happen in embarrassing places, showing up at the most intimate moments.

About Captiva – Anti Stretch Mark Cream

Captiva cream is no more available. It was earlier sold in the name of Stripetin. Later due to some legal problems, they changed the name into “Captiva”. It created a huge buzz by offering 25 days free trial.

But now it has disappeared from the market.

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Captiva Stretch Mark Remover’s Ingredients

Captiva contains a proprietary blend of peptides, compounds that enhance the skin’s ability to “fill in” damaged areas by stimulating cell production.

Stripeptin SM also contains a power-packed blend of skin elasticizers, firming agents, and moisturizers.

Does Captiva Work?

Striae or stretch marks, typically appear after rapid growth or weight gain, such as pregnancy or puberty. They often appear in areas surrounding the breasts, abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks…prime bathing suit territory!

Captiva cream did not work for many and so you can find many users bashing about it in forums.

Even if you are fed up with stretch marks, do not fall for these type of free trial scams.

Captiva Cream Free trial offer

Note: This offer is no more valid as Captiva is no more available. We recommend you to take advantage of Dermology stretch mark cream free trial offer!

Free Stretch Mark Cream Offer - Click on the image!

Free Stretch Mark Cream Offer - Click on the image!


  1. Hi,
    I am 19 years of age and i am beginning to get stretch marks along my tummy it is very horrible and disgusting but i do not have money to get any treatment or anything done to help me!

    please could i apply for a free sample to see if it works?

  2. jennifer says:


    I used to have pretty bad stretch marks and red scars around my belly region ever since I gave birth to my three kids.I had tried Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter which a number of people had recommended but unfortunately it didn’t seem to work too well. My Doctor had even suggested that I go for a Tummy Tuck. I then recently read an article about a lady who supposedly got rid of her stretch marks using a particular cream. I tried it and it worked really well. It took a number of weeks but my stretch marks soon faded away. You can read the lady’s article at the link below.

  3. Destiny says:

    Uhmm im 13 of age and i was 5’3 and weighed around 130 lbs and now i am in track and have been losing alot of weight and i have been getting stretch marks around my thighs and i now do not were bathing suits because i hate people seeing my legs and i do not have alot of money i was hoping i could maybe get a free sample so i could see if it works? if it does my mom said she would buy it for me so if you can help it would be great :p

  4. eleanor says:

    I was wondering what is the contact # for captiva so i can speak to a reprsentative? I have afew questions for them.

  5. Aminata Yvonne camara says:

    Hi am 19 year old am a prifessional basketballer in africa the only problem i have is stretch marks on my boddy i do not have it befor i just started having it and i do not like it am very shame of it if i can get something can help me to move it on my boddy i will be very happy so please i need your help thank you may GOD bless U.waiting for reply .

    • Fat Loss Pro says:


      Stretchmarks appear on your body when you suddenly gain weight (or lose it!) That’s why it’s always important to lose weight (or gain) at modest speed. Being a female myself I understand the embarrassment it causes. So I suggest you to use Revitol stretchmark cream. However, let me make it clear that none of the pills, cream and lotions will erase stretchmarks completely 😉

  6. hhi im alicia and im only 16 i have stetch marks on my inner thighs and its so embarresing cause when i wear shorts everyone asks me if i have scratches, and i was wondering if i could try a free sample? thanks!

  7. Hi.
    I was watching Tyra Banks and her # 1 recommended stretch mark removal is Captiva, for it being the safest. They tested 24 different stretch mark removal creams for 7 months, and found captiva was the SAFEST & the one with the best results. I don’t know why it says on here that captiva is a scam, and that it’s off the market because I’ve been using it and buying it & it works, and it’s not a scam. It is still on the market by the way. I highly recommend it.

  8. LaTanga Redmond says:

    After the free trial. How much will they bill your credit card for monthly supplies.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Redmond

  9. hi my name is briana and i have stretch marks along my thigh and hip area and they are really unaatractive…i really need your help…and quickly as possible,because it has been so emberrasing that i havent went swimming since i was 13 and am now 16. i play tennis and do alot of jogging also,but when time comes for our games i never want to change into my really makes mr VERY VERY sad…and i really need your help ASAP..thank you

  10. hi my name is gail im 16 i have a lot of stretch marks around my breasts and my stomach also my hips and thighs,the cause of that problem is i had baby at a very young age so around the time i was pregnant with her i started developing stretch marks,and i also have a lot of body fat,i have been a dancer for six years now im having a little difficulty wearing cloths that they want me to wear so can ya’ll please help me with a free trial for 30 days if it works i promise to buy it….thank you

  11. im only 15 and half stretch marks on my belly, and on my back, they are embaressing and i cant afford to buy anycream, could i try a free sample and see if it works please ?
    if so, thankyou very much, and i hope it works!!

  12. Hello.

    I am just 16 years old, and red thick and long stretch marks have appeared on my lower belly… this really brings my confidance down. I will not wear a bikini when i go swimming, i will not go out anywhere if they are showing. I also have recently found them on my arms and the back of my legs. I am only a student so i have no money, and no job to pay for treatment for my stretch marks, please could i apply for this free treatment and see if it works for me? Thank-you for reading this.

    • Fat Loss Advisor says:

      Sorry, the free trial offer is no longer available. In fact this products in no more available on the market.

  13. i have lots and lots of badd strtech marks over mt bum, boobs, thighs , inner thighs , and all over my legs
    im onlyy 14
    i need help
    i cant wear shorts
    or even skirts
    please please help me
    i have no body to get treatement at the moment
    could i please try a free sample and if it works
    i guarantee to buuy some

  14. Lorena Loza says:

    I´m from Equator in Latin America, Here we got Renuee, I want a free example of Captiva, I don´t know if we got a representative here or near.
    Tell me how to get one. Thank you.

  15. get rid of stretch marks says:

    I dont know about Captiva,but Revitol stretch mark cream really works!

  16. Strech Mark says:

    I’m 13. I got stretch marks every where like on my thighs. It’s every embrassing.I want a cream that would remove to the stretch marks for good.

  17. Revitol says:

    I might consider prescribing this, though I personally advocate Revitol.

  18. hi,
    im ashley and im 17 and 6 and a half months preg. with my first baby…before i got pregnant i was 98lbs and im roughly 130. i am begining to get stretch marks it seems like every where other than my tummy…which is good lol..but im so scared to wear bikinis after the baby..and i want to no the best creams to get rid or reduce stretch marks and try them out to see which i will any info please let me no 🙂

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