Carboxy Therapy for Fat Removal

Get rid of Fat by Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy therapy is nothing but infusing Carbon Dioxide into the skin for therapeutic purposes. It is one of the very new non surgical methods to remove fat stored under the skin that gives results immediately. This therapy is used for treating cellulite, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and more importantly to remove fat stored under skin.

Lose few pounds of pure fat through Carboxy Therapy!

The much blamed Carbon Dioxide can be a boon to people who want to shed few pounds of pure fat very fast, without undergoing any surgery, through Carboxy therapy.

It is a painless thepary! Carboxy therapy is approved by FDA, USA and European Community.

In this therapy CO2 gas is administered into the skin using a special equipment which injects Carbon Dioxide subcutaneously (into the skin) with a sterile thin needle similar to one used for insulin injections.

The equipment allows regulating the speed of CO2 flow, time of injection and monitors the percentage of the administered dose.

How Carboxy Therapy Aids Weight loss?

When Carbon Dioxide is infused into the areas with fat it starts working immediately and then eliminated rapidly through the blood.

By Braking and Killing Fat Cells

Carbon dioxide mechanically breaks membranes of fat cells. Immediately the fat stored in them leaks out and later moves out of the body naturally. Thus Carboxy therapy kills fat cells very fast and aids easy and painless fat loss.

By Removing Built Up Fluids

Carbon dioxide widens the blood vessels of the area treated. This increases the blood circulation in the area which leads to rush of oxygen and nutrients to the area. This removes built up fluids between fat cells.

Carboxy Therapy Cost – Too costly?

It depends on the amount of fat to be removed. If many areas are to be treated, many sessions are necessary.

The cost varies depending on the country, location, hospital and the number of sessions needed. Each session might cost $100-$350.

15 to 20 sessions might be necessary to remove few pounds of fat. Ideally they should be carried out every other day, although sometimes two or even one session per week will be enough. Each session lasts between 10 to 15 minutes.

This therapy could be very costly crossing $1000 in total for losing few pounds of fat. But it gives guaranteed and immediate results.

Carboxy therapy side effects

It is not likely to cause any side effects. After CO2 infusion the treated area may feel warmer due to increased blood flow for 10-20 minutes.

One has to avoid submerging in water for few hours after the treatment.


Carboxy therapy is ideal for removing stubborn fat of some areas. It can be a good alternative for liposuction. But it is more used in skin care than for removing fat as it is very costly when compared to slimming supplements.

For eg., one can buy a year long supply of safe weight loss supplements like Phen 375 or Proactol at the same cost and lose more weight.

Moreover the results from carboxy therapy may not be permanent as it doesn’t change eating habits and exercise routine. One may gain fat lost within few months.


  1. Robert Mantell says:

    What equipment do you use in order to control the CO2?

  2. Who does carboxy treatments in Georgia? Need information and training. Would like to see a demo.

  3. erica Arteaga says:

    hi I will like to do the treatment of the carboxitherapy, I live in Vancouver B.C. do you know where can I go?

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    Where in TEXAS USA can I have Carboxy therapy treatments?
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    we want to know that the treatment available at hyderabad,in andrapradesh ,in india

  7. David Hong says:

    Our company has developed and manufactured a new breakthrough in Carboxy Therapy. Carboxy Therapy with Needles or Incisions. If you would like more information, please send me an e-mail to “” and I would be happy to answer any of the questions that may have.

  8. Dhritiman says:

    if i want to buy the equipment for carboxy treatment, how much it will cost me

  9. if i want to buy the equipment for carboxy treatment, how much it will cost me

  10. m also interested in process of carboxy therapy….m i choosing best option to loose weight!!!!!

  11. carboxy theraphy ke zarye mujhe mere face pe jhaeyan or pet ka fat loss karna hain plz mujhe
    es theraphy ka kitna kharch hoga hume zarur btaye or up me kaha kaha isse ilaaj kawaya ja sakta hai
    plz mujhe sabke bare me btake meri help kijiye

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