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Clinicallix slimming pills UK

clinicallixClinicallix diet pills have been named after the clinical studies backing its ingredients to make people believe the super fast weight loss claims. Looking at the ingredients list with clinical backing, one might easily get taken away by superfast weight loss claims. But if you read the clinical study reports and compare them with Clinicallix formula, you would know the reality.

Clinicallics are quite big pills with nearly 4000mg of ingredients. A bottle of Clinicallix, one month’s supply, contains 300 pills. That means daily dosage is 10 pills. Can you really manage to take 10 pills of 4000mg daily?  Or do you feel they are powerful weight loss pills as they are BIG?

Let’s first look at the ingredients to see how it works.

Clinicallix Ingredients

It has 3 compounds of ingredients which are backed by clinical studies to aid weight loss. But unfortunately no clinical studies have been conducted on Clinicallix formula.

  • Compound 1: This is a blend of Guarana (750 mg), Yerba Mate (400 mg), and Damiana (200 mg). These are all herbal ingredients which were proven to aid weight loss when the dosage is very high. But Clinicallix’s compound 1 doesn’t have these ingredients in the required proportions as in the clinical studies conducted.
  • Compound 2: Contains 1000 mg of glucomannan. Glucomannan is a fiber supplement which can aid insignificant weight loss that too very slowly. This is less likely to help fast weight loss.
  • Compound 3: Contains garcinia cambogia (1500 mg), gymnema sylvestre (75 mg) and chromium polynicotinate (250 mcg). Even these ingredients quantity is far less than the quantities used in clinical trials that prove their effectiveness in weight loss.

Does Clinicallix work? -Too many ingredients do not make diet pills effective.

Too many ingredients have reduced Clinicallix effectiveness as a fat burner. It is a fat burner pill and like other fat burners this is not a great diet pill. Fat burners are least preferred these days as they rarely aid permanent weight loss.

Looking at too many ingredients, pathetic user feedback, exaggerated super fast weight loss claims Clinicallix is far below your expectation. Perhaps too many ingredients have added to the side effects while spoiling its ability to aid weight loss.

Clinicallix side effects

Like most of the fat burners, this pill has caffeine effects on body and so can be addictive. The common side effects can be severe headache, nausea, increased heart rate and blood pressure, sleeplessness (greatest disadvantage as users say), feeling sick and shaky, diarrhea, vomiting etc.

Clinicallix user reviews and feedback

“Pretty sure its a scam. Took them for about 7 days. According to their site I should have lost 7 pounds (unlikely anyway). I Felt nothing, lost nothing. Stopped taking them”. – Steve

User feedbacks online on this slimming pill all mean the same thing – these do not work, but cause many side effects.

Where to buy Clinicallix in UK?

Like other slimming pills, even Clinicallix has entered UK recently. But this is going to go out of the market very soon like many other slimming pills that do not work.
We do not recommend you to buy Clinicallix slimming pills, in fact, we suggest you to stay away from them.

There are many promising diet pills in UK the most popular being Proactol Fat Binder.

Proactol, the UK based fat binder is around since more than a couple of years. Proactol formula is clinically proven to prevent absorption of fat and aid weight loss without any side effects. It doesn’t make exaggerated weight loss claims. User feedback on Proactol is excellent. It gives 6 months money back guarantee and also offers e-voucher discount.

Read Proactol review

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  1. Why are you so against CLINICALLIX??
    My question is – have you tried CLINILLIX yourself and had diarrhea, headacne, feeling sick and shaky, etc ?? And can I contact Steve who claims that CLINALLIX RUBBISH. I’ve had CLINALLIX for 3 weeks now and unbelievably lost weight.

    • Fat Loss Advisor says:

      People normally don’t share their positive experience of any products online. Only company employees and people who are commercially motivated post positive review (or fake testimonials)

      Here is the link Steve’s comment

      By the way, Clinicallix is meant help people lose weight. But you are claiming that you lost weight unbelievably! Nevertheless, I’m happy to know that you lost weight…good for you 🙂

    • elisabeth says:

      hi sally can you please email me because i have been taken clinicalix for about a month and i havent lost weight but i would like to know if its because i did something wrong or if you were on a diet while on the pill ? , either please contact me , thank you

  2. My statistics:Female,40 yrs, 8 hr a day desk job, starting weight 1st day of taking one dose (3pills for me) pills was 196, by the next morning I weighed in at 194, on day 3(2nd day starting full dose-3 pills 3X per day) I weighed 192.2. I try to do 100 ab crunches on my Ab Zone chair a day but don’t alays get them in. The only other exercise I get other than housework is walking down 4 flights of stairs 3X a day 5 days a week and up 2 flights 4-5 X per week. Thats it. So far I have had no problems with stomach upset, jitters, or headaches. I do eat pretty much 90% organic and eat very healthy about 95% of the time.

  3. Oh and I do NOT work for the company etc.. and this is not a fake testamonial. I just think that maybe the ingredients effect different peoples bodies in differnt ways. I just hope it keeps up the great work for me. I am totaly energized and actually have the energy when I get home to do my crunches. Yeah!!

  4. hodan elmi says:

    hey guys , I `m keen to try out these diet pills where in london can i buy, i have struggled to lose weight for years , am 5ft 3 and weight 178 pounds which is to much for height.any help where to buy them, i think most users are hetting some postive results.

    many thanks all

  5. Chantel says:

    you can buy them on ebay for $40.00 🙂 i ordered some today and I’m excited to see if they work.

  6. I have just purchased a month supply of these, so I have no hidden agenda and I will let you know how get on!

    I am always dubious of a site which villifies one product(clinicallix) with extensive explanations and praises another (proactol)with review and feedback links that take you to two sites that sell the product?

    Good luck to all ;0)

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