Decaslim Diet Pills Review

Decaslim Review – Scam Warning!

decaslimDecaslim is another diet pill based on “10 super foods” and is said to aid acne cure, weight loss and tone lean muscle. Like other “Super foods” based diet pills – Orovo, Liptovox, Lipovox – Decaslim pills were manufactured after a Great person’s great story of super fast weight loss.

The Decaslim Story:

Before Telling you the bad old story of Decaslim let me tell you about out Top recommended diet pill.

Our Most recommended Slimming pill for UK dieters: Proactol

ProactolWe recommend Proactol for genuine reasons:

  • Proactol’s ability to prevent fat absorption and thereby aid weight loss is proven in 5 clinical trials.
  • Proactol has received the CE mark of approval for safety and efficacy. So it does not cause harmful side effects.
  • It gives 6 months money back guarantee.
  • Now one can buy Proactol at just $34 per box. (With 4 months packages, there is one FREE BOX offer)

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Back to The Decaslim Story:

A person suddenly starts taking the 10 super foods, he loses enormous amount of weight and his acne vanish. Then that person finds the foods very costly and so he asks Nutraceautical companies to supply the extracts of the super foods (changes some of them) and then experiments on his family and friends. Everyone, except one of his friends experience tremendous weight loss. Do you believe this? How do all of them (Orovo, Liptovox, Lipovox and Decaslim) have the similar hypothetical stories behind them. Are the manufacturers same? We do not know, but some websites say so.

Lose Belly Fat and Acne in 7 Days or You Don’t Pay a Penny – This is what their website says. But Does Decaslim really work?

Let’s make Belly Fat thing clear, experts say you can never lose weight in part by part manner. When you lose weight you will lose fat stored everywhere, not only belly fat. Melting belly fat takes lot of time with any genuine diet pill on the market. Analyzing the super-food ingredients would makes things more clear.

Decaslim Ingredients

These are the 10 super-foods which are put into a proprietary blend and so the proportions of each can never be known till they disclose it. (They will never do that!) Actually there are 12 ingredients listed on their site. The main ingredients are

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) from Safflower Oil – a fat blocker- clinical studies show that one has to take more than 3000mg of it to see real weight loss. But these pills definitely do not have this much in the suggested daily intake (2 pills) as the proprietary blend has 11 more ingredients in it.
  • Fibre -which forms a soft gel in the stomach; creating a feeling of fullness to help promote weight loss
  • Green Tea – Proven weight loss aid but has caffeine. Proportion is not known so can not say whether it can aid weight loss or not.

Other ingredients are Broccoli, Nuts, Blueberries, and Red Wine Extract, Spinach, FlaxSeed, Tomato, Garlic, Grapes.

The bottomline: Too many ingredients have definitely spoiled the pill’s effectiveness as a weight loss aid, though it can have positive effects on health. Proportions of each ingredient are not known, but daily dosage is not enough to aid weight loss for sure.

Decaslim User Feedback and reviews

There are only few user reviews available online. Most of the Decaslim user feedbacks online are cooked up by sellers of the diet supplement. (You can easily find that they are fake)

If you go to e-bay, you will find a person praising Dacaslim like anything, saying it made her/him lose Huge Weight (So do the other pills recommended by the person). If you see all the comments(guides) written by that person, you would be surprised to see him/her recommending more than 5 diet pills each of which is THE BEST DIET PILL ON EARTH and helps him/her to lose 15-20lbs in a month. This person is selling these pills and making some $$$ by misguiding in e-bay guides.

I have read a few user reviews saying Decaslim made them to gain weight instead of losing! Side effects: The ingredients can have positive effects on health though can not aid weight loss as they claim. It gives life-time money back guarantee; we do not know what does this mean when there are no terms and conditions on their site. Why don’t we recommend Decaslim?

  • No clinical studies have been conducted on Decaslim – so no proof that it works
  • Same old Super-Foods story based
  • No real user feedback
  • Proportion of each ingredient is not disclosed

Better Go for Proactol – A proven weight loss Aid

Proactol fat binding tablets have been proven to bind fat in 5 clinical studies and there is lot of real user feedbacks available online. They also give 6 month money-back guarantee.

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  1. I am in Australia and I would like to know if anyone else is also overseas has ordered from the US. If so, how long did it take for your order to arrive?

  2. Decaslim is another diet pill based on “10 super foods” and is said to aid acne cure, weight loss and tone lean muscle. Like other “Super foods” based diet pills – Orovo, Liptovox, Lipovox – Decaslim pills were manufactured after a Great person’s great story of super fast weight i used it and bought it at

  3. George Fernadez says:

    Hi i am a continues user of the product “Decaslim”. By using this product i got many changes in my body.. My body weight has reduced and also it absorbs the fat.. There is no side effect by using this product….

  4. Hi all, I have been using Decaslim for a 23 days but could not see any difference. Even my friend who started using Decaslim did’nt noticed any weight loss or acne difference. Thank God we had ordered just one bottle. Does any one know as if how to apply for refund. Even when I tried to call CKMB Assosiates, they did’nt responded at all. Smell of Scam. I was suspecious from the begining only, when they was no manufacturer’s address or phone no. or any type of contact other than a mail id:

    BEWARE ! ! Its a big Scam. I don’t know why people don’t comment/share on Internet about their experience.

    Everything is suspecious !

    • I have been using Decaslim for over a year. Not for the benefits of weight loss but for the energy you feel on this pill. I had to up my diet to include one more meal due to the weight loss which I wasn’t particulary happy with since I’m already petite. Most of my associates I referred to this pill have experience weight loss over a period of time. None have gained any weight due to this pill and everybody has been pleased with it’s effects.

  5. I’ve been reading and doing research about many pills now before i go on this pill but so far so good..

  6. Order your decaslim off of a reliable site. I ordered mine from Amazon on a saturday and received it today, on a wednesday. It was only $39 plus shipping, so it’s the cheapest I could find online and I only waited 5 days to get it.

  7. I have been using DecaSlim for about a month now and I didn’t see a difference at all. In fact I was even more tired and was always hungry and I worked out for nearly 30 everyday. I really do not recommend this product to anyone who has high hopes for weight loss.

  8. Just got my order of decaslim yesterday, ordered it on a Monday and received it Thursday. so it only took 3 days for me to get. Ordered it off the Decasli site, cost me $44 including shipping. The 2 day flush didn’t come with mine since I only ordered 1 bottle. I have to say that today I felt a little nervous but it must be from the caffiene. This is officially day 1 and I will update you in a week with my results.

  9. Heavyweight says:

    Danita…have you seen any results yet>

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