Dr Nigams Weight Loss Review

Is Dr Nigam’s weight loss Program worth buying?

Dr Nigam, famous TV doctor, is now getting more publicity due to his prepackaged food based weight loss programs.

dr-nigamsDr. Nigams weight loss program is being advertised online heavily in India these days. They use the catchy words “eat and lose” to give people a feeling that losing weight is very easy with the program. They even stress that exercising is not required!

Adnan Sami’s weight loss is being used by them on the official site without giving any details. There are many celebrity testimonials, including Kumar Shanu’s, on the official website of Dr.Nigams, but Adnan Sami’s testimonial (or comprehensive case study) is missing.

Dr Nigams Weight loss packages:

They have many weight loss packages like, weight loss for PCOD, HYPOTHYROID and KG based weight loss programs like 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg…. weight loss.

Most of the programs are “Slim on Phone” or “email” based. Only Mumbai people can go for some packages. They also sell low calorie muffins, low carb cookies, some toning machine etc.

Their basic weight loss packages (5 kg weight loss) start from Rs.7000. (They say, the money they collect is only Doctor’s fee and the prepackaged food would be given to you for free)

What exactly is Dr.Nigams “Slim on Phone” weight loss program?

It has 3 stages.

  • You decide your package (KG basis) and make payment. During this stage you get some basic details of the program. (Till you make your payment they will call you 5 times a day!)
  • After the payment, they will deliver some prepackaged food KIT to your doorsteps which includes “soy cookies, some other soy based products, some sauce and some gel/jam”. They also give a money back guarantee. (If you get products whose expiry date is over, you cannot ask for a refund, as these are given to you for FREE)
  • You will be given a doctor’s phone number, who will discuss with you, your priorities, your preferred food and later give you a customized diet menu. The same doctor would talk to you every week about the progress and would make modifications in the diet if needed.

If followed properly, you are going to lose the desired weight in guaranteed to time, or else you would get a refund.

This is what the whole program is, according to Dr.Nigams.

So far everything looks so good and rosy. It looks very easy to follow diet system. But reality seems to be little different.

  • You are not supposed to eat Rice, Wheat, Beet, Carrot, Potatoes during your diet period. Leave those vegetables, but do you think you would feel comfortable without eating rice (South Indians) or Wheat (North Indians) for 22 day a month? (Every week Saturday and Sunday seem to be diet holidays!). I don’t think this diet is easy for Indians.
  • People who have gone for it, complain that they call you many times till you make the payment. Later you are not likely to get such calls. Doctors do not show any interest or care, you are the one who has to call your doctor. (Dr Nigams is a group of doctors, chefs and few receptionists with sweet voice)
  • The “Food Kit” they provide has only few things, most the food has to be prepared by you. You will have to eat vegetables, fruits, soy and some other high protein foods. This is essentially as Low carb, Low Fat diet.
  • Real Users’ feedback is rather discouraging. I am sure, you are wise enough to weed out the fake user feedbacks from real. You get many positive user feedbacks (at online forums) on Dr.Nigams that directly recommend this diet without sharing any experiences. Almost all such feedbacks look cooked up and fake. Remember, anyone, user or sellers (posing as users) can make comments at online forums.

For me one user feedback looked genuine, you can read it at mouthshut.com

Does Dr. Nigams weight loss program really work?

It should work if followed correctly, but “Following correctly” isn’t easy at all. As mentioned earlier it is a Low carb and low fat diet; nothing extra ordinary in it; No miracle.

Personally, I am not impressed by the diet program. In US, UK and Canada, people have started avoiding these types of “prepackaged meal delivery system” based diet programs as these the “most difficult diets” to follow.

Make lot of research before you actually buy such diet programs. We would like to get feedback from people who used Dr. Nigam’s weight loss program.


  1. I agree with the comments that ultimately your are the only one who can make Dr. nigam’s progrmme work. They only guide you how to change your lifestyle if you wish to achieve results. I did their programme lost 15 kgs in 4 months. By making slight changes to my overall lifestyle, I have maintained. But my US tour (free for all eating patterns followed) costed me extra 4 kgs for which I am repeating their programme and I am confident of myself.

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