Fat Loss for Idiots Review – Weight loss facts unveiled!

Fat Loss 4 Idiots – The Foolproof Diet Plan?

“Lose 9 lbs in 11 days with Idiot Proof Diet Plan” – Most economical and practicable diet plan with one time investment of just $39.

Fat loss 4 Idiots is totally online-based diet program and therefore it is extremely easy to access it sitting in front of your PC. With just a few mouse clicks you get your diet menu for 11 days”

The same people give one more diet planBeyond calories” which is totally different from Fat loss for Idiots, but even this plan works. So it is advisable to purchase both plans & decide which one is best for you. With both plans you can lose 9 pounds in 10-11 days.

If you buy Fat loss 4 Idiots diet, your 11 day diet menu will be in front of you with just a few mouse clicks. No confusion, waste of time , no nonsense of 100s of pages. Its simple and straight forward.

Features of Idiot Diet Plan

  • Weight Loss of 9 Lbs in 11 days guaranteed.
  • Practicable, Safest and Cheapest Proved Diet on Market.
  • No pills, No prepackaged food, no side effects.
  • No calorie counting, no Body mass index, no coaching.
  • It costs only $39. One time Investment, life time access.
  • Follow the diet menu for 11 days. Then eat whatever you want for 3 days. Again repeat for 11 days if required.

Idiots Diet plan formula:

“Confuse Your System of burning calories by shocking your metabolism. Keep changing the protein – carb ratio in your diet so that your metabolism can never settle down at one particular point.”

Idiot diet Rules

  1. Eat 4 meals per day with a gap of at least 2 1/2 hours.
  2. Prepare Your Meals at Home
  3. Stop eating before you feel full, no fasting, and no cravings.
  4. There is no limit to beverages per day, but they should all have less than 10 calories per glass.
  5. Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water per day.

For better results begin doing 2 thirty minute sessions of “walking” per day.

Foods that you are going to eat in 11 days, your diet period

The food choices are pretty decent, and there’s no starving.

Delicious Shrimp, Sandwich (any deli-meat style),Tuna Salad Plate, Broiled Sea Bass, Roast Beef Slices, Pastrami Slices, Ham Slices, Broiled Halibut,Turkey Slices, Broiled Flounder, Chicken … etc.


Hard Boiled Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Frozen Yogurt Dessert, Cottage Cheese,Milk, Regular Cheese Slices, Soy Cheese, soy milk, Banana Milk Shake, Fruit Salad Dessert,Garden Salad,Green & Red Vegetables, Mixed Vegetables, Orange-Pineapple Smoothie, Broiled Orange Roughy, Bowl of Oatmeal, Baked Beans, Pinto Beans, Green Beans,Garbanzo Beans,Navy Beans, Macadamia Nuts,Prunes, Cashews, Walnuts,Almonds, Peanuts, Fresh Grapes, Fresh Apricots, Fresh Grapefruit, Green Vegetables, Fresh Apples, Fresh Oranges, Fresh Pears, Fresh Kiwi Fruit, Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Plums, Fresh Peaches….

Fat Loss 4 Idiot Diet Recipes

The diet menu generator gives you only menu and but not recipes.

But there is a site which gives good recipes for the Idiot diet with which you can actually enjoy your diet by having delicious food prepared without deviating from your diet menu.

But to access those recipes freely you need to buy this plan through their site. For others the site charges $19 to access the recipes.

Click here to buy Fat Loss 4 idiots Diet Plan with free access to diet recipes

The man/ woman behind this idiot diet plan

No one knows! Whoever it is, the person is really genius. Definitely this diet plan is backed by some scientific investigation. You won’t get any information about the people behind the screen, you can’t even contact them. But this diet definitely works if it is followed correctly.

My personal experience with the diet

I am a Vegitarian and Rice is our main food that we take 3 times a day. But this diet does not allow eating rice for 11 days. I had a doubt whether I can live without rice for 11 days.

I was not overweight. But my concern was my growing tummy. I thought of giving a try, and I succeeded. I lost 8 pounds in 11 days, and my tummy is perfect now.

I advised one of my friends who was overweight and she lost 20 pounds in a month. This is what made me to write a detailed review on this diet.

Click here to buy Fat Loss 4 idiots Diet Plan with free access to diet recipes

Beyond calories diet ( Can be bought only with Idiot diet)

You can also buy one more diet plan called “ Beyond calories” with “Fat loss for idiots Plan” from the same guys at a discounted price of just $16. It is an alternative to Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet Plan and you can not buy this plan separately.

This is rather easy as it allows you to eat 6 times a day and gives you many options. If you fail to follow Idiot diet then follow this. It is 10 days diet plan. Both are totally different but you will get same results.

In Beyond Calories Plan they have grouped various foods into four categories.

You need to select favorite foods from different groups and prepare your meals according to the guidelines given.

There is no diet menu generator for this. So you will have to list down your favorite foods from the list given and prepare your 6 meals.

Please note that you can not purchase “Beyond Calories” separately in the future since they allow it to be downloaded only as a part of Premium ADD-ON Package. So if you need this buy it with Idiot Diet Plan.

Problems Faced

All Fruits, Vegetables and beans mentioned in the menu are not available at every place. I am vegetarian and I had only 29 foods to choose from 38 veg food options. (It’s enough for me anyways)


This article covers everything you need to know about the diet before you buy. Seriously, this diet really works if followed as instructed. This is the most economical (should I say cheapest?) diet program ever created. So I highly recommend you to buy both fat loss 4 idiots and Beyond calories Diet.

Click here to buy Fat Loss 4 idiots Diet Plan and Beyond Calories Diet Plan with free access to diet recipes

PS: Never postpone your plan to lose weight. Health is more important than anything else. If you have decided to go for a particular diet plan, buy it now.


  1. are u dumb says:

    u shuld eat 5-6 not 4…and eating healthy fats speed weight loss-the body knows it will get more so it doesnt mind burning it…sit ups build muscle so once u burn the fat they show better…if u want to do HIIT it can be better than long cardio sessions for burning fat and getting into shape…

  2. I bought the fat loss 4 idiots 3 days ago and I have lost 4 lbs. I love this diet. I have heard that there are recipes, where can I access them?

  3. jdlaughead says:

    Have you ever seen a fat ant? The Ant civilization, is over 100 million years old, I have a ant Village, not a farm, where the ants are free to roam. They however stay around the Queen, who you will never find, and follow the paths the scouts have laid out for them.

    Well the reason there are no Fat ants, is because they don’t intake any solid food, they chew the food, till what is left is liquid then intake that. I follow there same method, try just chewing a hot dog, but don’t swallow the bulk, just drop it out of your mouth, and just swallow the juice, where the protein is. Or a bagel, just chew it and suck the juice out, and drop the bulk out of your mouth, and give it to the dog or feed the birds.

    Your Stomach is only as big as your fist, make a fist, and you got the size of your stomach. Right now I am chewing on a Oscar Mayer weiner, I chew it till the flavor is gone, then drop the bulk out of my mouth, Alot of weiners have alot of flavor. You do this your stomach will shrink down quick.

    I also love Kona Coffee from Hawaii, but I don’t drink it in a cup, I just suck on the coffee bean, where the flavor, from one Coffee bean can last 2 hours. There are no taste buds in your stomach, only on your tongue, so why swallow bulk. Want good protein get can of light Tuna in OIL It takes 18 days to break a habit. So I say Eat like a Ant, they have lasted over 100 million years.

  4. I am unable to access the web site secondary to not remembering my ID and password. I tried to reset by doesn’t recognize my email. Please help.

  5. Eating like an “ant” is odd and will kill you. Ants do that because they are INSECTS. Humans are not. THat is the most ignorant comment I have ever heard. Eat a sensible diet that you can follow FOREVER, not just temporarily. You will lose the weight and then gain it right back if you are not realistic. Excersise. That is the only way you are going to change your body and change your life.

  6. Hi there, i have been reading nearly everything about fat loss for idiots with great interest…..I am a single mum…very overweight and am trying to find someone who can tell me what portion sizes to eat and when…i just can’t afford to buy the package but am desperate to loose weight for my kids…is ther anyone out there who can help me?

    • I can help you, i stay lean by eating what i like, sometimes i eat healthy and somtims i eat rubbish, just watch the portions size, you need the size of your fist at each meal, its not a lot but just eat again when your hungry, im a size 10 in uk wich is size 4 in america i weigh 135lbs. another tip always eat breakfast anything you like small portion and exercise 4 times a week with weights it will give shape to your body and keep your metabolisam high all the time i promise if you do all this, it will work good luck!

      • Hi,
        I just had my daughter a month ago and only lost 20 pounds since I dropped her. I’m 80-70pounds over weight and want to lose it fast. U seem to know what u are talking about! The problem with me… is I will eat healthy for awhile but not work out…I dont have a set time I eat when I want and I love salt! I HATE WORKING OUT! biggest problem…I’m not use to being like this @ all ..It makes me sad seein myself LIKE this …can u please help me! I need to know what to eat and when and when to work out and what .. IT CANT be nothing too hard…walking …light weights…ect.. PLEASE HELP!

    • hi, well when i saw this i had to help. even tho you cant afford the package they tell you the food you should be eating so just try to follow that and that will help you.

  7. atkins diet plan says:

    In February of 2001 I celebrated reaching my goal weight at Victoria’sSecret. I went there because that’s where thin, sexy, attractive women shop. I hadn’t wanted to look at lingerie when I was overweight, but when I reached my goal, I marched into the store with my head held high.

  8. I tried the Beyond Calories diet once before. I freaked when I got to the first “no protein” day and stopped. I had only lost 3 lbs to that point. Eating no protein for the main meal of the day is really tough for me.

    On Sunday, I started it once again, determined to make it work. So far, I am UP 0.8 lbs. I am eating small portions and space my meals approximately 2 – 2 1/2 hours apart. I am going to switch Days 6 and Day 7 so that I can have a half-way normal looking dinner on Saturday when I have company over. Other than that, I am following the diet and am drinking lots of water, but am very constipated.

    It is tough going. If it doesn’t work, I will just go back to the diet my trainer gave me, which is 5 small meals consisting of a carb and a protein for each meal and 28 g fat per day.

    My friend lost 20 lbs in 10 days and she was only 30 lbs heavier than me to start with. So this is discouraging. I was 154.8 lbs when I started and weigh 155.6 lbs today. When I went to Weight Watchers a couple years ago, my goal weight was 125 lbs for my height and age. I get weighed first thing in the morning after I go to the bathroom and with no clothes on, so the variables should be controlled somewhat.

    Any ides on how to make this work better?

  9. Keith @ My Body Fat says:

    Personally I think programs that promote rapid weight loss. You should avoid like the plague, because when you lose lots of weight very quickly the majority of the weight lost is lean muscle mass. So really your losing weight but getting fatter in the process.

  10. Abhishek says:

    This seems to be quite effective and useful..Some of my friends are gaining weight and are worried about that. I will definitely suggest them to go through this article and try this..Thanks for the post.

  11. You know it’s all fine and dandy to say what works for you but it doesn’t always work for everyone. I have tried almost everything under the sun and my body is fighting me. I have even done crazy fitness programs along with eating perfectly healthy and in 4 months barely losed 5 lbs and didn’t shrink. My sister brought this diet so I gave it try because I’ve tried everything else. The 1st go round lost 12.4 lbs. I am working out with weights and doing the elliptical for exercise btw. I do the weights so that I am not losing muscle. The 2nd go round I’ve only lost 2 lbs in 7 days. So, I’m a bit frustrated but I am still thankful for losing something at this point. I’m going to give it one more try. At least I’m eating things I like and learning to eat smaller portions. So, I don’t consider this a fad because on the break period, I’m still applying what I’ve learned and no over eating and gaining weight back. You really have to figure out what works for your body.

    • Fat Loss Advisor says:

      Sorry to hear that,
      If nothing has worked for you, then I suggest to consult your doctor and go for prescription drugs if you are willing bear the nasty side effects. Good luck and come back here to share your story 🙂

  12. James Davis Laughead says:

    How to eat anything you want and lose weight, it to Semi-fast. We like to eat, mainly because of taste. The only place there are taste buds, are on your tongue, no where else. Semi-fasting is where you chew the food to liquid, swallow it, and drop the bulk out of your mouth. It takes a little to get use to, but the food taste so good, as your tongue’s taste buds get more sensitive. I find the most flavorful meat is pastrami, and I just love chewing it and sucking the juice out, and just drop the bulk out of your mouth. Pastrami or corn beef is probably the best meats to start on. I get old bagels and chew on them, then drop the bulk out of my mouth, and throw it out to the birds. Once you get use to it, food will taste so fabulous. You will also look great. Why swallow the bulk it just bloaters your stomach. The way to eat negative calories, is to only eat egg whites, the whites are all protein and need carbohydrates to process. Protein burns in the flame of the carbohydrates. Enjoy!

  13. A product that i found useful and is very similar to fatloss for idiots was eat stop eat. it works on almost the same princibal, in the end i guess it comes down to what you prefer eating and how much per day.

  14. daquandra says:

    Im 13 years old im 5 feet 6 and I wont to lose weight im over 100 pounds wont to lose quick can you help me with some vise I tride every thing like went to the GYM and that did not work I need something that can help me

  15. daquandra says:

    MY name is Daquandra and im 13 years old I weight over 100 pounds and I need help tride the GYM that did not work at all I just need vise for my life something that makes me happy like losing weight.

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