Holland and Barrett Fat Metaboliser Tablets Review

Holland and Barrett Fat Metaboliser Slimming Pills

fat metabolizerFat Metabolizer pills are also called fat burners or metabolism boosters. Any fat metabolizer pill works by accelerating body metabolic rate (calorie burning rate) to burn more calories and burn fat thereby. Holland and Barrett Fat Metaboliser Tablets are also said to increase body metabolism to aid weight loss.

Why Fat Burning Pills are not much preferred these days?

Fat metabolizer slimming pills are no more popular due to their ineffectiveness as slimming aids and irritating harmful side effects. In most cases, people are likely to gain back the weight lost after they stop taking them. The reason is very simple,  there is no change in your diet and exercise regime, once you stop taking the slimming pills, you are likely to gain back.

Adding to that artificial acceleration of metabolic rate (Fat metabolizer’s way of working) disturbs body’s metabolism and causes metabolic rate disorders. This might also result in sudden weight gain after one stops taking them.

Side effects: The common side effects of many of the metabolism booster pills are nausea, headache, sleeplessness, getting addicted to pills, increase in heart rate, shivering, restlessness. These make dieters lives miserable when taken over a long period of time.

Holland and Barrett Fat Metaboliser Tablets

The sellers of H&B Fat Metabolizer slimming pills clearly mention that “This product can help weight control only as part of a calorie controlled diet”. So do most of the metabolism booster pills.

Fat Metaboliser includes a 14 day diet plan and is said to be a life style plan. Hooland and Barret website clearly mention the importance of exercise to get desired results while using these tablets.

Using Holland and Barrett Fat Metaboliser slimming pills you can lose weight only when you do regular exercise and follow controlled calorie diet. !

If you follow controlled dieting combined with regular exercise, most of the established brands of slimming supplements on the market would help you to lose weight.

Ingredients: Uva Ursi, Kola Nut, green tea, Chromium, Cayenne Pepper and Vitamin B6 are the ingredients in Fat Metabolizer pills. The ingredient proportion in the formulation is too low to aid any weight loss.

Holland and Barrett Fat Metaboliser side effects: It can cause all the common side effects of fat burning diet pills – headache, increased heart rate, nausea, sleeplessness, restlessness etc.

Fat metabolizer tablets are too cheap

120 Holland and Barrett Fat Metaboliser tablets (2 months supply) cost just £3.69 if you buy from Holland and Barrett’s official website. They have got mixed user feedback.

Our Most recommended slimming pill for UK dieters – Practol and Phen375

Proactol (For long lasting weight loss)

We consider Proactol fat binder slimming pills as the safest tablets for real weight loss. We recommend Proactol for some solid reasons:

  • Proactol, the UK based fat binders are proven to aid weight loss in 5 clinical trials.
  • These are made using herbal ingredients and have no side effects.
  • These do not disturb body mechanism as they work by just preventing fat absorption, they do not accelerate metabolic rate artificially.
  • UK newspapers and other media have featured Proactol user success stories – this proves the genuineness of the product.
  • Now, Proactol.com has announced special low prices for home country dieters. With discount e-vouchers, these can be purchased at just £ 18 per month.

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Phen 375 (For quick weight loss)

Phen 375 is a fat burning supplement that works by boosting metabolism. This is being considered as safe alternative to phentermine based slimming pills.

Phen375 pills do not seem to have many side effects as other metabolic rate boosters do.

One may expect to lose 3 to 5 pounds per week with Phen 375 slimming pills.

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