How to Lose Weight in One Day?

Can you lose weight in one day? Is it possible?

Do you need to quickly lose weight in one day? You’re not by yourself. It’s a very common occurrence when people want or need to drop a few pounds in 1 day, but is it really possible? Is it really healthy to do so? You will see it is possible and it can be safe provided you do it the right way.

Prior to undertaking a crash diet or any diet for that matter, you should consult your doctor, to make certain you have no underlying health issues which could be aggravated by such a diet.

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oneday-weightlossWhile you won’t actually lose permanent weight in 24 hours or less, it is possible to reduce the bloat of weight gain. This will make it possible for you to fit into that new dress or simply to look better when you hit the beach tomorrow.

The key to this is not starving yourself, but just eating sensibly. In the long run you ideally need to stick to this sort of diet regime so that there is no need for crash diets in the future!


There are several one day diets out there on the internet, but you need to be cautious, as any sort of crash diet may be highly dangerous. Starving your body of nutrition even for one day can have drastic consequences, particularly if you need to carry on with a regular routine. The secret to losing some bloat and loose weight in one day is simply to cut out any junk food and ONLY eat fruit and vegetables.

Your body will be fine with this diet for one day and a lack of meat will actually make you feel better as your system uses a lot of resources to process meat. Some people also feel bloated from meat but not from vegetables. If you need extra sustenance, consider fish instead of meat.

An example of a lose weight in one day diet is outlined below.

This is where you will stock up on your day’s fuel. Don’t go too light on breakfast or you will weaken during the day. Avoid white bread and cereal and go for whole grain. Pancakes are also ok.

Fruit is ideal for lunch. Consider a banana, mango, orange and other tasty treats. Cucumbers are also excellent fillers and a raw carrot stick tops it off.

Dinner :
A light dinner eaten early in the evening is the key. You will want to leave enough to time to go for a brisk walk about 2 hours after eating dinner. Raw or lightly cooked carrots and broccoli are a good light dinner that won’t leave you starving.

Apples are great for a snack but don’t over do it. Some people get bloated after too much fruit and the idea today is not to eat a lot. One apple is enough to get you through between meals.


Drink water and a lot of it. This will induce your body to get rid of the excess fluid your body has been retaining. Avoid caffeine, carbonated soft drinks and other fluids which will restrict eliminating waste fluids.

By following the above diet for one day you’re stomach will shrink just enough for you to fit into that bikini or new dress!

Loosing weight in one day is practically impossible. However, you lose lose 8-10 pounds in 11 days using a revolutionary diet called “Idiot Proof Diet” which claims “lose 9 lbs every 11 days”… read more about Idiot proof diet here.


  1. hi im 9 years old my belly is 6 stone my friends say that i look really fat i want to lose 5 stone i need some tips

    • Hahaha…you’re kidding right? 1 stone is about 6kg which is severely underweight for every height. And your ‘belly’ on its own can’t weigh 6 stone. You’re 9 years old, you’re too young to be worrying about your weight. Go outside and play.

  2. I’m 12 nearly 13 I’m 4 foot 8″ and I’m 9 stone I need fun ways to stay fit and active please help!!

    • Alexandra Peña says:

      im 13 going on 14 and i understand why u want to lose that 9 stone so i recommend u to drink as much water as possible everyday cause water flushes out excess fat and u should maybe go for a run and maybe do some excersices and most importantly stay away from sweets and sodas and fats for now on those are gonna be ur enimes and fruits,vegtebales,protins,and water will be ur best friends so yeah im sure u just try what i said ull drop that 9 stone to at least a 6 stone!(: P.S im sure u can try to make some of the things i said fun!lol

  3. Demarcus says:

    My cock is big and it lost weight women are mad now

  4. I’m 5′ 10″ and wiegh 247 but I’m a big framed guy what should I wiegh?

  5. shahd morsy says:

    i am not too fat i am normal but i am 13 years old and i am 48 i want to lose a bit please can some one help ……. my upper part is good but my legs are really fat

  6. karzyboo says:

    i am !6 years old and i want to lose weight before my birthday in june 27. can you please help me.. 🙁

    • Alexandra Peña says:

      are u kidding? ur 6 years old u shouldnt be worrinh about losing weight just go outside and play!(:

  7. hi I’m 12 years old and I need to lose weight fast my friends say I look ok but my weight not much I need to lose weight NOW!!!

    • Alexandra Peña says:

      i felt the same way but u know i would trust ur friends but if u dont u should try going for a jog with a friend or go bike riding or do a sport or just simply drop the sweets,fats,and sodas and stick to water,fruits,vegtables,and protiens!(:

  8. Hi I am 13 and in next week Wednesday I am going to the water park and I need to loose as much as I can… I don’t really car much about Mii upper body but I hate Mii legs they are fat!!! Can someone PLEASE help me???????????? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi I am 13 years old and I weigh about 130-140 Ib… Next week Wednesday I am going to the water park and I want that bikini body… PLEASE can anyone HELP ME???

    • Same here…I’m a competitive dancer and the weight is now leaving!!! My friends would guess I’m 110-115 pounds and I hate it..I hate people knowing my weight it’s kind of embarrassing because all of them are skinny and thin..I’m 5.0″ and 13 years old, I’m kind of muscular but I’m not skinny and I’ve been trying this summer to exercise and going on diets but its not working… CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!
      My diet is eating 3 meals a day and a healthy snack is that ok?
      PLZ reply!!!

  10. Why are they’re children so bloody young on here !!!??

    • shantell says:

      Well im 14 and really fat I weight nearly 10 stone and I’m really flabby so I now now kids my age are worried about what they look like but it doesn’t help with really skinny celebs who people look up to and won’t to be like I personally think skinny celebritys should do something to kids around my age so kids arnt so self contious I think it would help alto so kids don’t have such hight expectations

  11. Im going to the beach tomorrow and all my friends have six-pax and i dont!!!!!! please help me!

  12. Hey I’m 15 years old and I weight about 140-155
    And I start school in 5and a half weeks and
    I want to lose as much weight as possible
    Well I want to weigh about 110-125

  13. Well im ashamed of it and don’t want to say it but im fat and my family and friends say im big and I need to lose weight I weight 250 and im 11 and im really scared for the middle school and I need help

    • All you have to do is remember why you want to lose the weight. Why you are doing it in the first place. Just believe in yourself and be disciplined with yourself. You CAN do it!

  14. I’m 13 and I’m going on holiday on Monday. I don’t know how much I weigh but I am pretty fat. My friends always say “You’re not fat” but I really am. I have moobs and I want to get into the swimming pool but I don’t want to take my shirt off. I don’t want to spend the whole time in the arcade while my dad and brother are having fun in the outdoor waterpark and swimming pool. :/
    As I said, I’m going on Monday and I want to lose weight and quick. I don’t like going to the gym and my parents never ask what I want to eat. I’d like to eat something healthy but my parents already have dinner/tea planned. I also have stretch marks around the hip area and my friends always confuse them for bruises and they look horrible. If anyone knows any exercises that help me lose weight quickly, can someone message me on youtube? My username is “Jimjamsim”. Thank you. 🙂

    • Shelby Harris says:

      All you do is stop whatever your drinking no matter what it is and start only drinking water. No more juices. Start asking your parents to buy fat free yogurts. I’m 16 and I’m doing this as well I have already lost 9 pounds just this week just from dropping dr. Pepper, you don’t realize how bad stuff is for you until you stop. I promise you it’s very hard to stop but I did it and I have been drinking that stuff for years. It was very hard for me and I did it and I feel so much better. I have alot more energy and my life has gotten alot better I have stretch marks to I know how embarrassing it is for ppl to see them, trust me, once you start it’s easy to keep it going. Just always keep in mind to NEVER GIVE UP! You can do it! I haven’t exercised in one week but I’m dropping weight quickly. But you have to want it bad. Don’t think skinny think healthy 🙂 I hope this helps:)

  15. I’m a fifteen year old girl. I’m a little over six foot and weigh 176. I need to lose weight because my school starts in a couple weeks.

  16. Estephanie says:

    HEY am 11 and I weight 172 and I think am really fat I need help because I have to go to the doctors and they have to weight me I don’t want to get intruble by my mom I started my diet right know I need to lose weght please please help me

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