How to Lose Weight in One Day?

Can you lose weight in one day? Is it possible?

Do you need to quickly lose weight in one day? You’re not by yourself. It’s a very common occurrence when people want or need to drop a few pounds in 1 day, but is it really possible? Is it really healthy to do so? You will see it is possible and it can be safe provided you do it the right way.

Prior to undertaking a crash diet or any diet for that matter, you should consult your doctor, to make certain you have no underlying health issues which could be aggravated by such a diet.

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oneday-weightlossWhile you won’t actually lose permanent weight in 24 hours or less, it is possible to reduce the bloat of weight gain. This will make it possible for you to fit into that new dress or simply to look better when you hit the beach tomorrow.

The key to this is not starving yourself, but just eating sensibly. In the long run you ideally need to stick to this sort of diet regime so that there is no need for crash diets in the future!


There are several one day diets out there on the internet, but you need to be cautious, as any sort of crash diet may be highly dangerous. Starving your body of nutrition even for one day can have drastic consequences, particularly if you need to carry on with a regular routine. The secret to losing some bloat and loose weight in one day is simply to cut out any junk food and ONLY eat fruit and vegetables.

Your body will be fine with this diet for one day and a lack of meat will actually make you feel better as your system uses a lot of resources to process meat. Some people also feel bloated from meat but not from vegetables. If you need extra sustenance, consider fish instead of meat.

An example of a lose weight in one day diet is outlined below.

This is where you will stock up on your day’s fuel. Don’t go too light on breakfast or you will weaken during the day. Avoid white bread and cereal and go for whole grain. Pancakes are also ok.

Fruit is ideal for lunch. Consider a banana, mango, orange and other tasty treats. Cucumbers are also excellent fillers and a raw carrot stick tops it off.

Dinner :
A light dinner eaten early in the evening is the key. You will want to leave enough to time to go for a brisk walk about 2 hours after eating dinner. Raw or lightly cooked carrots and broccoli are a good light dinner that won’t leave you starving.

Apples are great for a snack but don’t over do it. Some people get bloated after too much fruit and the idea today is not to eat a lot. One apple is enough to get you through between meals.


Drink water and a lot of it. This will induce your body to get rid of the excess fluid your body has been retaining. Avoid caffeine, carbonated soft drinks and other fluids which will restrict eliminating waste fluids.

By following the above diet for one day you’re stomach will shrink just enough for you to fit into that bikini or new dress!

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  1. hi i’m hayley i’m 14 years old.5 ‘4 height and 116 pounds.plz tell me what i should do to be 110!and if you wanna reply to my msg plz use my name so i know u r talking to me:)

    • Hey Haley. To lose just 6 pounds – its easy. Try going for a walk everyday for 20 mins. Then have a light snack and then either do some cardio or 30 situps. Modt of it may be waterweight. Soonyoull be 105!

    • miar evans says:

      Hey my name is miar evans and in reply to this you are at a ok weight why lose it? But a good tip would be not to starve yourself but eat less and drink a lot of water and do a bit of excise this can include going for walks or going swimming.

    • just throw up after you eat Hayley trust me im 100 and im 14 to I look beautiful and thanks to that I don’t get bullied in school or with my friends because I’m fat and imagine my friends boyfriend prefer me because I was skinnier than her and know I have everything I wanted and imagine how beautiful and skinny I am and trust me soon you’ll be 100 like me love ya

      • What ever you do DON’T make yourself vomit. That is the worst possible way to lose weight. As it is an effective way you will gain back the weight and can develop many different eating disorders.

    • Hi Hayley, why do want to lose weight? 116 pounds for a fourteen year old seems fine to me :P.

  2. im 11 years old almost 12 and i weigh 139 i try all that i can but just cant loose weight i dont look all that fat but my thighs and arms are fat any tips?

    • Omg im just like you. finally! Its not just me. Im 136. I dont know what to do!

    • I’m in the same boat as you. I weight 133 and I’m also 12. I dont look fat at all, but I know I am. Thighs and a little on the arms.

    • Haha you replied on my birthday

    • ewww your fat just try throwing up after you eat and don’t finish all the food im 14 and im 100 i’m skinny that my friend left his girlfriend for just because im prettier and he already want’s to have sex just because i’m that pretty and he gives me everything I want because i’m beautiful

  3. Um, why would you be trying to lose weight? You’re at the normal weight for your age & height combined.

  4. I’m 13 years old and I’m 140 pounds. My whole body is in great shape but my stomach is a bit big, I love eating so are there any tips or ideas on how I could lose that weight in my stomach area without having to exercise to much, but still eat healthy? Thanks.

    • im 15 and im 9 stone but i want to loose weight can you help me to loose weight to be about 7 or 8 stone and i want to fit in a size 8 and 10

    • your case is easier since you don’t like exercising u know what just throw up after you eat but don’t finish all the food because that’s what makes you fat and ugly the parents are like the witch that wanted to kill the princess with that apple with poison but the parents want to kill u by giving you food and making you fat and they do that because they don’t want you to have a boyfriend because trust by being fat nobody is going to like you



  7. I am 16 and 5ft10 and 14 stone …. People say I don’t look fat, but I look e’thick’ I’ve been size 14 since I was 14 years old … I looked good before but not I look chubby and I am still a size 14 pushing onto 16 , I have tried crash diets which have worked for me , but has made me depressed as I can not keep it up and I gain the weight back again, what do I do ? I need a solution FAST

  8. hi i am nicole i am 13 years old and i weigh 296 pounds and i am teased about it an i don’t know what to do!

    • Nicole,
      Weight Watchers really works. You can do it all on line for like $18 per/month. If you are serious about losing weight you need to change your way of looking at food and you need to get into better eating habits. Drink plenty of water and go for walks. Try to limit your intake of chips, cookies, candies, etc. and eat tons of veggies and fruits. Try to eat lean proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, etc.), eat 6 SMALL meals a day to keep your metabolism going all day.
      I hope you reach your goals! Keep your head up and don’t let others get to you, people can be so cruel!!!

    • Drink plenty of water and just try to keep moving, no matter the speed or type. You could go for a walk, shoot some hoops, or go for a light jog. Unfortunately, you have to be 18 to join weight watchers. I’ve been eating a lot of celery just because it’s 1 calorie that I pretty much burn by chewing it. The only real conclusive data yet: I hate celery. I wish you the best of luck, Nicole (cute name, by the way). Stay strong and don’t let other people get to you. Since when does anyone get to tell anyone else how to live, look, or be?

    • I know how u feel when I was 12 I was 190 and I look fat and I was so sad and depressed because they bullied me at school but I follow this idea just throw up after u eat but don’t finish all the food because that makes you fat imagine how pretty I’m that my friend left his girlfriend for me and he wants to have sex with me already lol try it for 2 week and you’ll weight 115

  9. Hi my name is Hailey and i weigh 240 pounds and i am just 12 years old. Please help me on a good way to lose weight fast i am 5’2. HELP PLEASEEEEE

  10. Hey! I am a cancer survivor for 4 years. I gained a lot of weight from treatments and stuff. I also recently had knee surgery so im limited to exercise. Are there any tips/websites that can help me out? Please let me know! Also i would love to lose 10-15lbs in 2 weeks if possible! Thank you

    • you can lose up to 30 lbs if you throw up after you eat and don’t finish all the food trust me

  11. I’m 15, 5′ 10″, I have a naturally large frame, and I’m a whopping 200 pounds. I’d like to permanently loose enough weight to be in the “normal” range, so about 50 pounds by senior year (3 years). Suggestions?

  12. Hey I’m 19 years only and I 12stone. I go on my cross trainer for 20 mins a day I do 100 sit ups a day. And my weight does not budge. I’ve seen my doctor and they say there’s nothing wrong. Dose anyone have any tips xx

  13. PRINCES FIZZA says:


  14. My names amber and I’m 16 years old. I weigh 121 pounds and I need to get to 105 for cheer.. but that needs to happen in 15 days.. help?

  15. Hi I’m 12 and I’m 5’3 u want to lose 20-30 pounds by march 2 and I’m 167ish what should I do???

  16. Hi I’m 12 and I’m 5’3 u want to lose 20-30 pounds by march 2 and I’m 167ish what should I do???

    • just throw up the food you eat but don’t finish all the food though because that makes you fat and imagine my friend’s boyfriend left her and came with me because I was pretty and he wants to have sex with me by the way i’m 16 and i’m 110 thanks to this idea I’m fantastic

      • Sebastian says:

        You need help and a mental hospital. If your friends bf left her then he would just leave you and sounds like a loser. I’m beautiful too, very active and athletic but looks are not everything . You sound insecure.

      • Brittany, you are descusting beyond description. You are unhealthy and nasty. I hope you are just joking becaus

  17. Hi i am 12 yesrs old and i weight 203lbs any suggestions so i can lose weight comment?

  18. Hi im 13 and im 5ft 1′ and i weigh 165lb. I really want to loose weight. People tease me and say im pregnant but im not and it makes me mad. I need some tips really bad

  19. OMG cant believe someone is actually sugesting to teenagers to throw up to lose weight get help you have a food disorder!! warning this will not be healthy and may not actually help you lose weight in fact can destroy your metabolism and actually end up making you gain weight. the best way to be is to eat a healthy calorie controled diet and exercise to get the athletic look. i recomend website lets you count calories and lets you know your healthy weight for you age.

  20. I’m 14, 4’11 and I weigh 138, I’m supposed to weigh 101. please help me get there

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