How to prevent teenage obesity?

Follow 4 simple steps and Save your child from obesity.

Does your kid look chubby? A chubby child looks cute, but if it becomes a fat teenager later, your child might become a matter of fun and fat jokes for his/her schoolmates. Your child might feel “I am Not Ok” and suffer inferiority complex and other personality problems.

teen-obesityDid you ever ponder over this? A fat kid will have greater tendency of becoming an obese teenager and obese adult.

If you know the extent of consequences obesity can cause both mentally and physically to your child in future, you will never allow it to grow as a fat child and teenager.

You can easily save your child from obesity

It is damn easy to make your child slim and healthy. Unlike adults, children can lose weight easily with some enjoyable exercises and diet. You can easily make your child’s or teen’s weight loss plan and make him to follow it.

Here are some weight loss tips and steps that will make your child’s fat loss easy and enjoyable:

1. Plan exiting weekend activities:

Plan every weekend with exiting activities that involve physical exertion. You have many options – Swimming, cycling, trekking, hill climbing, ball games etc. These would benefit whole family of yours and would refresh you too.

Sit with your child and plan weekend activities according to his interests so that he enjoys and explores it to the fullest.

2. Plan your child’s diet: Eat healthy

Encourage your kids to eat healthier. A lot of children nowadays would prefer a trip to a fast food joint than eating vegetables or fruits. Learn to be creative in preparing vegetables as part of the family meal. Experiment on vegetable recipes and encourage your teenager to help you with the preparation. While doing this, talk about the benefits of vegetables and fruits.

You may talk about how a certain vegetable can make their skin healthier and avoid common skin problems during puberty. Prepare their lunch when they need to eat in school. You will be surprised at how unhealthy and gross the school canteens may have. Make sure to send him to school with a healthy packed lunch.

3. Encourage sports

Rarely young kids do keep themselves away from playing. Encourage playing and find out which sport they are more interested in.

Sport is a good way to train kids to become team players and leaders. It is also a very effective factor that can help your weight loss plan for teens.

Introduce them to simple sports and find out which interests them. If your teenager is not into sports, you may want to shift to a different activity that would still encourage them to get some form of exercise. For example, a teenager who has interests in books may not want to engage into a ball game. Encourage them to read books on sports and hobbies and encourage getting into few of them.

4. Health Education

There are a lot of books and articles written about weight loss plans for teens. Try to get references and reading materials and encourage the whole family to read about healthier living.

Kids must be able to freely discuss apprehensions and concerns. Let them know that you as a parent will be happy to provide guidance.


When your children engage themselves in sports and eat healthy, automatically they become slim, strong and healthy. Monitor their activities and discuss regularly on exercises, weekend activities etc. You can make these more lively by making them to involve their friends also into these.

Make future generation strong and healthy by following these simple parenting tips.


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    Hereditary illness aside, I am a firm believer in diet and exercise to help lose and control weight. Its not easy to stay committed to such a program but if you do you are sure to reap the benefits and rewards of a healthier leaner body.

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  4. These are good tips. I still think diet and exercise are the main factors in preventing obesity in kids and adults. There are medical physcholical and addictive factors to consider too, but I beleive for many it isn’t half as complex as many people like to make out.

  5. The reason why teenage obesity is increasing, according to me, is because of excessive use of gadgets and a lack of social interaction. Kids needs to know that they can walk to the store down the street, a car is not really needed!

  6. Danny Elizondo says:

    Well…. Honestly people need to realize that its just not what you eat you have to be willing to get up and do something like working out or even just going for a walk in the morning this issue is not crucial just something we need to control people need to understand also that eating so much is a sin that can send us to hell. Rthink about those people who are not blessed like us to have food so we need to be able to control our eating habits….

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