Joel Marion Cheat Your Way Thin Review

Cheat Your Way Thin – Is it Practical Fat Loss Diet?

cheat you way thinJoel Marion’s diet program “Cheat Your Way Thin” is very popular for one simple reason. The diet allows to you to eat your favorite foods! In other words you can eat everything that you like and still lose weight. Obviously it sounds like scam and totally unrealistic. However, after hearing lots of positive reviews I decided to study this fat loss diet program.

People love diet system like this one because other popular diets force you to restrict your calorie or carbohydrates intake. And this is exactly where Joel wins heart of weight loss aspirants! No restrictions- Eat your favorite dishes and burn fat!

Who is Joel Marion?

Joel Marion is a certified fitness trainer who has spent almost 73 months of research to develop the Cheat Your Way Thin Program. Joel is the winner of Body-For-Life, body transformation challenge 2001. He was featured on NBC, ABC & CBS etc. Visit for more information.

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Does Cheat Your Way Thin Really Work?

This system requires that you continue taking your favorite food. This way, this diet promotes your body’s metabolism as you burn calories to take out fat. Since you don’t restrict your calorie intake like other diets, this works with your body and it does not destroy your metabolic activity.

Why Every Diet That You Have Tried Previously Failed?

Normally people give up diet program because they get depressed with food restriction. Could you recall how many times you tried a diet program and given-up?

One of the great things about Cheat Your Way Thin is that it doesn’t have negative psychological effects on you. You don’t have to feel guilty and depressed about eating your favorite foods. Instead, you’re comforted by the fact that you know you’re boosting your metabolism. No other diet works the same way.

If you are finding it hard to follow strict diet rules, then you might as well forget about such. You are lucky because there are programs like the Cheat Your Way Thin by Joel Marion that allows you to indulge on your favorite foods while losing weight through time.

Is Cheat Your Way Thin Really Good Weight Loss Diet Program?

CheatYourWayThin is an ideal fat loss diet program for people who want to lose around 25-30 pounds within a short period of time. I don’t think it will be effective for people who are obese (like 80-100 pounds overweight). Because, no matter what you do, at some point you will reach the nasty weight loss plateau where your body will refuse to burn anymore fat!

When you reach the weightloss plateau stage you’ll have to introduce high intensity workout program. (Turbulence Training is my most recommended high intensity program) or fat burning supplements like Phen375 (prescription medications like Xenical, phentermine are fine if you can bear long-list of side effects!)

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Based on customer feedback, the Cheat Your Way Thin program is a good way to jumpstart your weight loss. The program allows you to burn fat and lose weight without the unnecessary guilt and hardship. Cheat Your Way Thin is thus highly recommended for those individuals who have tried every diet in the book but have never managed to achieve their ideal weight. Cheat Your Way Thin allows you to eat all of your favorite foods and still lose more weight than you would with an ordinary diet.

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  1. Sheri Wunderlich says:

    I am trying to purchase “Cheat your way thin” program. But he links only takes me to the free information. I have found the information very interesting and would like to order the program. Please help me find a good link to order it. Thank you! Sheri

  2. I can confirm that Joel is a real fat loss expert and that Cheat Your Way Thin is a very good program!

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