Lipofuze Diet Pills Review: Another Quick weight loss scam?

Lipofuze Slimming Pills – Super fast weight loss calims!


Lipofuze is a metabolism booster slimming pill known for super fast weight loss claims. But looking at the ingredients, it is not a miracle diet pill.

For user reviews and feedback read comment section at the bottom.

Lipofuze Ingredients:

It is said to have 6 Patented & 4 Clinically Tested Ingredients. Before analyzing each ingredient let me make a thing very clear – “patented” or “patent pending” words do not imply effectiveness. The list of ingredients is quite long.

  • ThermoDiamine: This is nothing but evodiamine, a Chinese fruit that is said to burn fat by increasing the body’s production of heat, as well as reducing the body’s ability to store fat. But no studies have been conducted on human beings so far. (Are studies on animals enough?)
  • Razberi-K (Raspberry Ketone) – These are said to aid fat oxidation, but studies on human beings do not prove its effectiveness.
  • FucoPure: The patented form of fucoxanthin, a seaweed extract making its way into more and more fat burners these days. Though there are few studies that prove its ability to boost metabolism, sadly, all these studies were conducted on animals. It is also proven that, this ingredient cannot be absorbed by human body easily. This renders the ingredient useless in Lipofuse formulation.
  • Forslean: This is a patented version of coleus foskohlii extract that can aid weight loss, but isn’t a miracle ingredient.
  • GuggulEZ100 is a patented form of guggulsterones which can burn fat by increasing thyroid T3 hormone levels. But this is possibly only when one takes 2-3 grams every day. But Lipofuze doesn’t have required amount of guggul in its daily dosage. So, it is hardly qualified as a “miracle” ingredient.
  • Bioperine is a standardized black pepper extract which is said to stimulate digestion. This can be counter effective as it might stimulate even hunger making you to eat more.
  • Green tea: This is a great ingredient as has some real benefits for weight loss when present in a significant amount. But, unfortunately, Lipofuze is highly unlikely to have required amount of green tea.
  • The other ingredients present are Capsaicin,  Synephrine HCL, 7-OXO DHEA,  cinnamon, phenylethylamine, ginger, and 20-hydroxyecdysone (a plant (and insect) steroid.

Except Green tea, none of the ingredient is proven to aid weight loss in Human beings. The Lipofuze sellers do not disclose proportioning of ingredients in the formulation. But it is very unlikely to have required green tea to aid fat loss.

Lipofuze Pros

  • Has green tea, proven weight loss aid.
  • Should not cause harmful side effects.

Lipofuze Cons

  • Its formulation has no clinical backing.
  • Most of the ingredients are proven to have no effect on weight loss. In fact one ingredient (black pepper) is known for boosting hunger.
  • No company information and no contact address disclosed. Make you feel like a scam.
  • Highly exaggerated weight loss claims. It claims to help one lose 10 lbs in one week (1.5 Lbs a day!) which is impossible with even a prescription slimming pill.

Can you really lose 10 pounds of FAT in 7 days? (Must read this)

If you know the weight loss process, you would understand it better. Fat is nothing but stored calories which cannot be melted away easily. Every calorie stored as fat has to be burned (used) by our body, there is no short cut (without going for surgery) for losing fat. We normally use 1500-3000 calories daily (depending on our metabolic rate and exercise).

To lose one pound of fat your body has to burn approximately 3500 calories above your normal calorie usage. As per Lipofuze claims, it helps you to lose 10 pounds of fat in 7 days which means you would (?) be able to lose nearly 1.5 (1 and a half) pounds per day.

To lose 1.5 pounds a day, you need to burn approximately 5000 calories over and above normal calorie usage (total of 7500 calories) every day. Does this look possible using any slimming pill? Lipofuze sellers claim to do this by accelerating metabolism through its slimming pills.

In fact the rate of fat loss varies depending on the metabolic rate of a person and how her/his body responds to a diet pill. But tripling metabolic rate using a pill is definitely not a healthy idea and even looks impossible.


Frankly speaking, by just looking at Lipofuze weight loss claims, I would take a step back. Looking at the ingredients, things get very clear.

We suggest you to avoid Lipofuze and look for slimming pill having following features

  • Company details and contact address are disclosed, easily contactable.
  • Doesn’t make super fast weight loss claims without showing any proof.
  • Has clinically proven ingredients and clinically backed formulation.
  • Less or no harmful side effects.
  • Has been on the market at least since one year.

Buy Lipofuze?

After analyzing user comments/feedback I’m in  opinion that this product has worked for many people. The company make exaggerated weight loss claims & there are some side effects. Many people who bought directly from company experienced shipping related problems. So if you have decided to try it, I recommend you to buy it from Click here to buy Lipofuze from (cheaper and more reliable)


Our Most Recommended Fat Burner: Phen375

Phen 375 is a new fat burner which being marketed as a safe alternative to Phentermine. It claims to help one lose 2-5 lbs in a week.

Unlike other fat burning pill sellers Phen 375 gives a 30 day meal by meal diet plan and thereby encourages healthy dieting.

It doesn’t cause dangerous side effects. Read Phen375 review for details

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  1. I warn people not to waste your money with the 3 day detox. The first day it upset my stomach the first day (which made me eat more becuase I could never feel full and satisfied). By day 2 my stomach was used to the pill, but I noticed NO change other then my skin breaking out. By the end of day 3 it did absolutely nothing for the weight loss, all it did was have my skin break out even more- I usually have excellent skin and I have huge welts under the skin (chin, nose, forehead). Do not waste your money on the detox, all it seems to do is give you acne!!!

    I tried to go to the website’s “live chat” prior to taking the detox to understand what to expect since no leaflet comes with the bottle. the “live chat” is far from live. I had to leave my questions and email address and a week later I am yet to recieve a response.

    • cupcake says:

      Do you know what a detox is? That is the point to have acne! It is cleansing you of your toxins. You get acne because its cleaning the impurities and toxins under your skin (its got to come out somewhere) and you get sick cause its removing all the many years of waste from your colon. Its harsh at first but then after like a week you feel brand new and clean! Its a shame you didn’t stick to it longer cause clearly it was working…

  2. Well, bought this stuff a month ago. My weight loss (with no pills) stalled for a while so I used it to get “over the hump”. During the first week I gained weight, it took the next 3 weeks to lose the same weight! It did not make me lose 10 lbs in 7 days nor did it make me lose any weight other than the few pounds I gained the first few days on it and I doubt it was the pills doing it. For those who might think I depended on it to do all the work; I eat right and work out regularly so that isn’t the problem. Granted, muscle weighs more than fat but shouldn’t I have lost something during the month I’ve been on it? This product is not worth the money spent. Please don’t waste yours. As for those who still try it anyways, (1) the side effects were not bad for me (2) is cheaper than other sites. Just remember to eat something 15min or so after taking the pill or you will have an empty/queezy feeling until you do. Looking back at the ingredients, they are good but I should have known that so much in one pill is probably not enough of each to do anything even taking 2 pills a day. The biggest additive is whatever gives the “caffeine” boost. I could have downed a blue mountain dew for that! So bottom line, try if you like, maybe you will have better luck than I did, but don’t be surprised if nothing happens!I’m done with pills! Sticking to the old fashioned way. Good Luck!!

    • i bought this….what a joke dont be taken in.lets face it we all look for a quick fix….there isnt one.when i purchased lipofuze i weighed nearly 300 pounds…great for line backers….not for construction workers…i took it upon myself to eat right.and just walk a mile loosing weight!!!!! hooray for me!!! BEWARE!! and leary of anyone who makes offers like these folks…..the only real way to loose weight is hard work and dedication……if you should decide to go ahead w/it..good luck i sincerly hope it works for you…

  3. This product, or the website that sells it is a rip off. I am not sure how, but someone in my home ordered this stuff. (no one will admit it) I have asked the seller for an RMA to return it and they will not respond. My advice would be to stay away from this product.

  4. For me it worked and still is working… Sucks for you if it didn’t work.

  5. Lipofuze was pretty good for me actually. I did feel a little sick to my stomach the first day or two and almost stopped. But I kept using it and my body got used to it. I went from 209 pounds to 192 in the first 3 weeks

  6. About Lipofuze, my review is exactly what FR wrote above on this same subject. Too many ingredients, not enough ogf each one to do anything they claim. I guess to put it simple, it’s like a mixed drink: for example a screwdriver contains Vodka and Orange juice but if it’s just a bunch of O.J. with a drop of Vodka than it’s not gonna get you drunk or even tipsy. But now you can put on the label: contains Vodka and O.J. Same thing with all the ingredients in LIPOFUZE, they’re all there but not enough of each. You get my point. I just had to.try it myself and I’m going to ask for my refund. CAUTION with one vendor through Amazon(direct discount supplements). Sold me fake LIPOFUZE but gave me complete refund immediately.

  7. This is regarding my review on Lipofuze I just wrote awhile ago. In case I confused you. I ordered LIPOFUZE from DIRECT DISCOUNT SUPPLEMENTS through and I recieved a counterfeit bottle but I recieved a refund immediately after I E-mailed them. Then I went through the official LIPOFUZE website and it’s not doing it for me, I’m gonna give it another week before I ask for a refund. Wish me luck.

  8. LIPOFUZE IS A SCAM!!! DO NOT BUY LIPOFUZE!!! I purchased lipofuze and experienced extreme heartburn from the product! It did not help me lose weight either. I remembered lipofuze has a 100% lifetime guarantee, so I decided to utilize it and get my money back. They have a stipulation on their return policy that requires you to have an RMA# in order to return the product and get your money back. I contacted customer support whom returned my e-mail and asked for information from me. I gave them the order ID # and the method of payment just as they asked. I waited for the RMA # they are supposed to send back via e-mail so I could return the product and get my money back, but they never responded. I wrote them several e-mails asking about the return and my money, but they chose to ignore me. It has been a month since I contacted them and they have yet to respond to my multiple e-mails asking about the return of my money. THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF HONORING THEIR MONEY BACK GARANTEE !!!!!!!!!! IT IS ALL A LIE !!! Don’t get scammed too!!!!!

  9. People! Don’t use any pills. It is very dangerous for your health. You don’t know how all these ingridients could make you sick. Do it yourself. You know it is more than possible. My husband lost about 30 lbs (from 200 to 170) for just 5 months withiut any pills. About me – from 150 to 133 for the same time. We are walking every day, don’t eat after 7.00 p.m. and DON’T EAT ANY KIND of MEAT. At this time we eat FISH and other SEAFOOD only (2-3 times a week), NO any kind of CAKEs… Try it and you wiil see result.

  10. Christalell says:

    What do the pills look like? At Gonzo how did you know they were a counterfiet
    pill when you ordered them from Amazon? I purchased some from there over a wk ago
    don’t see any results, taking as instructed, but haven’t been weighing myself soo…Do feel small side effects not alarming or painfull and not enought to feel its working and my lifestyle is not that active right now.

  11. I ordered this product about 7 months ago from the original website. I followed the directions to the t but it DOES NOT WORK! The side effects were bad but on top of all that I am STILL in the process of trying to return the product. Lipofuze is under investigation by the BBB as it pays websites to give it high rating and rips off customers. My advice– do not waste your time! Four months ago I did the hHCG diet. It was much cheaper, I lost 18 pounds in 23 days and dropped 4 sizes!! HCG is the ONLY diet I have tried that works. Lipofuze is a scam!!

  12. I have been taking Lipofuze for the past 2 months, first week of taking it I lost 5 LBS. After that even with working out, i didn’t lose anymore weight. In fact, I am now back to what I was before taking Lipofuze. The first week I noticed the difference in energy, I was full of energy and while I worked out I never got tired it felt amazing! Metabolism boosted from these pills the first couple weeks – (#2 Bathroom 4 times a day!)
    When I increased the dosage (twice a day 2 pills each) received very bad migraines every morning. Now I am out of Lipofuze and skeptical on ordering it again. As far as an energy boost, yes Lipofuze gives you that. As far as it burning your fat, no. Unless you have all the time in the world to work out 7 days a week, Lipofuze doesn’t help you much. While losing the first 5 LBS, i only worked out twice to lose them. After that, i worked out twice a week and ate very healthy and didn’t lose anything more. For my busy life, I need something that will help my metabolism and simply burn the fat by its self!(yeah right)

  13. Meggan D says:

    I was keen to try it, I am not all that over weight but I am on the chubby side and a few extra pounds to lose. I dont get alot of time to exercise as i study and work two jobs so this looked like an easy option for me. But after reading all of these comments, I think I owuld rather be a few punds heavier than go through what alot of you are.
    Thank you everyone for letting me know about this product and wish you all the very best on your weight loss journeys.

    Meggan from Australia xx

  14. I have been taking Lipofuze since 3/15/12 and have actually gain more then 10lbs. This product is crap. I have been dieting and exercising and seems like I just keep gaining and gaining. I have been feeling really bloated and have had very bad heartburn to the point that i feel like I’m going to pass out. These pills are a waste of money and I would recommend you not even waste your money.

  15. I just started Lipofuze so I’ll report back as to how it affected me. However, the author of the original document negates any credibility by being mostly illiterate. It is hard to accept the definition of “fatlosspro” when complete sentences can’t even be formed. I’m hopeful that Lipofuze will help me shed those tough few pounds and inches. Good luck to all.

  16. a month ago i buy this pills, 2 days ago i take the first pill 30 minutes before my lunch with 16 ounces of water as the bottle says. 30 minutes after taking the pill and all this days I am still with vomiting and diarrhea. headache and stomach is unbearable like the nausea. I actually lost weight in the worst way possible. I lost two days of work because I have no strength to stand on my bed, only to go to the bathroom, I could not eat because my stomach upsets me.

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