Liporexall Reviews

Liporexall Slimming Pill

Liporexall looks like a miracle slimming pill discovered by accident with 9 patented ingredients, 1 patent pending ingredient and one nutrient bioavailability enhancer.

Sounds funny? Interesting?

Liporexall official website claims that it can help you lose 300% more body fat. It talks about clinical trials conducted on its ingredients and findings very wisely without mentioning the truth – amount (strength) of ingredient used in clinical trials.

Liporexall Ingredients:

  1. ChromeMate – Chromium Polynicotinate
  2. Super Citrimax – Garcinia Cambogia
  3. PinnoThin – Korean Pine Nut Oil
  4. Advantra-Z – synephrine
  5. Neopuntia – cactus extract
  6. Phase-2 – white bean extract
  7. 7 Keto – metabolite of DHEA
  8. Forslean – Extracts from Coleus forskohlii roots
  9. Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate – Caffeine
  10. Tonalin – Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  11. Bioperine – Black Pepper

Ingredient proportions are nowhere near the required quantities!

Each capsule of Liporexall has 300mcg of ChromeMate and remaining ingredients make a proprietary blend of 460.5 mg. (proportion of each ingredient in the proprietary blend is not disclosed anywhere)

Does Liporexall really work?

Some of the ingredients are proven to aid fat loss. But the tragedy here is, in no way, Liporexall can have these ingredients in required quantity to aid any weight loss.

In fact, the proportion of clinically proven ingredients in Liporexall are nowhere near the amount used in the clinical trials conducted.

Then how can some expect any weight loss from Liporexall.?

Is Liporexal a scam?

Looking at user reviews and feedback online and the ingredient proportioning (relating it with clinical trials), Liporexall doesn’t look like a genuine slimming pill. Moreover, official website of Liporexall doesn’t disclose company details, physical address of company, contact number etc. Only way to contact them is by sending email.

This raises many doubts about Liporexall. Doesn’t it look like a scam?

Liporexall side effects: Without any data on ingredient proportioning one can not comment on side effects of Liporexall. User feedback is pathetic and talks only about its ineffectiveness and not much about side effects.

Where to buy Liporexall?

It is available only at its official website. It costs around $50 per month.

Update from Admin:

The number of user feedback for this product is very low. shows 2 customer’s feedback. 1 positive; 1 negative and one neutral. So it’s hard to make any assumption. Few visitors commented that it’s good diet pill. So we suggest to do your own research before buying it. Please report your experience if you have tried it.

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  1. I didn’t buy mine on their website..and i paid $38..and this is the only site i have seen that was negative about it. i had to search pretty hard to find any. i just started my pills today,so we will see if what you had to say is corect.

  2. This could easily be an advertisment for the company above! I have been taking Liporexall for a week now, I’ve lost 4 pounds, I feel great and NO SIDE EFFECTS. Not kidding guys, it’s worth the money so far.

  3. i love this pill. my brother and i work out at the gym at least 4-5days out of the week. we always encourage each other to keep it up even when we dont want to. him and i are having a contest to see who can get lean mean and toned the quickest. well i baught liporexall, i defiantly beat him. he was shocked at how toned i got. i love my new sexy body. the mixture between the exercising my new eating habits and liporexall was life changing….

    liporexall + gym + healthy eating habits = 1 sexy body

  4. What a lame article…and dishonorable way to trash Liporexall.

    “Moreover, official website of Liporexall doesn’t disclose company details, physical address of company, contact number etc.”

    I can’t see any information about the company on the Phen 375 website ether.

  5. Wow. What a slanderous ploy to trash talk Liporexall. As with the previous posters, I had to search pretty hard to find anything “bad” about this product, and then go figure, I get here, check the actual user comments, and everyone DEFENDS the product from this slander. And so do I.
    I really tend to roll my eyes at anyone that thinks they can find a “miracle drug” when shopping for appetite suppressants or diet pills of that type. Anyone who thinks that they can just pop a pill 3 times a day and sit on their butt and just watch the fat melt away is delusional. But these users are not those kinds of people.

    You said “User feedback is pathetic and talks only about its ineffectiveness and not much about side effects.”

    -First of all, User feedback is RAMPANT on the internet about this drug! And in the month before I purchased, I searched long and hard to try and find a dissatisfied customer ranting online. I found ONE woman that was unhappy with her “weight loss” because she had been taking the pill for 3 weeks and had only lost 2lbs. Well, I tell ya, 2 lbs in 3 weeks sounds pretty good considering, admittedly, that she is a pretty sedentary person and has not altered her diet anymore than cutting out potato chips.

    -Second of all, There are many MANY places online to buy this product besides their website. I, of course couldnt find it for anywhere close to $38, but I also live in Canada. I pay $40 when I buy the bottles individually and cheaper if I buy 2 or 3 at a time. Shipping is only $9. If you EMAIL them requesting their physical address or telephone number, they will GIVE IT TO YOU. And as a paying customer, you have all of that information available to you when you get your package. Their customer service is some of the best I’ve ever had.

    We live in the age where hackers and bots can peruse any public webpage and gather information such as addresses and phone numbers, then bombard them with snail mail spam and/or sell their info to the highest bidder in the telemarketing world. I know this first hand because I used to work for a company that did JUST that.

    There is nothing shady about this product.

    I’ve found something that works and so have many other people that are preaching their praises about Liporexall all over the wonderful world wide web.
    The next time you decide you want to write an inaccurate, slanderous, blasphemous article, then I suggest you do a little more research first.

    I will apologize if this doesn’t classify as your “be nice” rule, but I would have found it more acceptable to see someone write, “I don’t know much about the product and since I haven’t used it, I can’t really begin to say what it’s all about.”

    So defending it, I will not apologize for.

    Thank you.


  6. from which store did u buy liporexall?????

  7. Hey girls can anyone tell me how do you feel when you take these fat burners I’m trying to find something good but scared to grab onto anything I took lipo-cuts and they
    Made me feel horrible the first time I took them I was sick for a week throwing up and couldn’t eat or drink I tried taking them again and they make me sick and shakey do you guys feel like that on these pills?? Or would you recommend them?

  8. I’m ordering this product today, hopefully it works… I’ve bin working out everyday for the past 6 weeks and only lost 1lbs per week, really looking forward to speeding up the process I had a baby 3 months ago and need to get rid of 60lbs… I will keep posting my results.

    • Hi Mel, are the pills working for you? Thinking about getting some, thanks!

    • One pound a week is really healthy weight loss. If your losing then don’t jeopardize your natural ability to lose weight with any product. It may seem like nothing but the slower you lose the weight the slower you will gain it back if you stopped working out. Slow and steady is key.

  9. Christina says:

    For the last year or so I have lived a pretty healthy lifestyle.. I workout twice a day (an hour at the gym in the mornings and an hour running at night). I have always eaten my proper caloric intake per day and once a week I have my cheat day on saturdays where I can have a little treat to keep me going strong. About 3 months ago I reached a weight loss of 25 lbs but I have recently hit a plateau on my last 15-20lbs. And I found my cravings were through the ROOF. I just didnt know what to do anymore.
    I saw all of the good reviews for this product and on impulse I bought it. Instantly after sending an order into the Liporexall website I started doing some more research and started seeing negative reviews and I got nervous that I had just thrown all that money down the drain. But exactly 10 days later I received it in the mail and decided to go through with it anyway.
    So far I have taken it for 4 days.

    For the first 3 days I was working 11 hour night shifts so I couldn’t find the energy or time to workout.. other than going for about an hour walk with my dog in the mornings. I am down 6 lbs so far. Amazing! Today I’m going back on my usual workout routine.

    So my conclusion is: I guess this product really depends on your body in terms of your success with it. I don’t think you should bother if you plan to sit on your butt all day and eat garbage. Because clearly you are not that serious about losing weight anyway. Sorry to burst some people’s bubbles… Hey, you may drop some weight on this but it will all come back if you don’t continue a healthy lifestyle commitment. You need to burn calories to lose weight, not just by swallowing pills. I have been bouncing up and down with 5 pounds for 3 months and needed a boost to help me break my plateau. I am about 10-15lbs from my goal weight now. I’d say give it a try, I am going to finish my first bottle in a couple of weeks and I’ll come back with an update 🙂

  10. Theres lots of websites out there thrashing this supplement. But the sad part is that people just expect to lose weight just by doing nothing. Face it people, theres no magical pill that will stop you from eating.

    Yes i understand that they said it will curb your appetite, false advertising, yes, but you’re supposed to 1) work out while taking this and 2) you’re not supposed to eat anything and everything out there. 3) drink plenty of water and 4) this pill is a booster of weight loss with combination of working out, water intake, proper diet.

    Come on people. If there was a miracle drug that will make you lose weight, it would cost more than this.

  11. ever since i started my period i gained almost 10 pounds a year. i was an active kid all through high school, and i always walked to school and to work, and even when i did more exercise i could never loose any weight.

    i started liporexall probably about nine months ago and so far i have lost 45 pounds. i think it made my body finally realize that i am working out, i have no real side affects. other than when i first started i didn’t drink the recommended amount of water and i had severe constipation. but now i do drink the recommended water and haven’t had the same problem since.

    i am however still worried that if i do go off it that i will gain the weight back… but hopefully since i stopped developing (i am 20 BTW) i wont gain weight every year and will be able to maintain my goal weight.

    • also, i don’t know if any teens are reading this, but wait till you stop developing, because if you take this or any other kind of diet pill you are going to mess up your body’s metabolism, and when you’re done with it and stop taking the pills the weight will come back.

      diet pills are not only for weight loss but for changing your lifestyle. so dont use it as a quick way to loose weight.

  12. hey, i’m 18 and am wondering if it is safe to take liporexall or if it’ll mess me up

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