Lipozene Diet Pill Review

Lipozene 1500 mg Diet Pill – A Sensational Scam!

lipozene.JPGDaily I get atleast 20 people searching for Lipozene / Lipocene / Lypozene diet pills. I don’t know whether they come here searching for reviews or to buy Lipozene. I am sure TV Commercials made them to search for Lipozene.

This made me to find out whose product Lipozene is, what this weight loss product is made of and How it works etc. But I could not contact anyone who has used Lypozene.

Who Is behind Lipozene?

The Obesity Research Institute, run by Henny Den Uijl and Bryan Corlett, is the maker of Lipozene. In 2005, the Federal Trade Commission fined these men and ORI $1.5 million for misleading claims about their fiber, weight loss products viz., FiberThin and Propolene.

Ingredients of Lipozene 1500 mg

Lipozene’s main ingredient is Propol, which is company’s trademarked name for glucomannan which is nothing but a soluble fiber found in konjac root.

Glucomannan is the Western name for vegetable fibers derived from an Asian plant family known as konjac.

How Glucomannan works?

According to a study done by the Rush University College of Nursing in Chicago in 2005 “Glucomannan may promote weight loss. At doses of 2-4 g per day, Glucomannan was well-olerated and resulted in significant weight loss in overweight and obese individuals”

According to Drug Digest “Glucomannan does not dissolve in water, but forms a thick, gooey gel when exposed to fluids. The body does not digest glucomannan, so the resulting large soft mass moves through the intestines and may trigger intestinal muscle contractions.”

Glucomannan Side Effects

According to Drug Digest “Glucomannan tablets are not recommended for oral use. Reportedly, several individuals experienced blockage of the esophagus when they took glucomannan in tablet form.”

User Feedback

All these frightened me and I started searching online for user feedback online in various forums and comments for different articles on Lipocene. Though most were negative, I got many positive comments also. Don’t know whether they are true or just spams.

Negative comments said ” It results in diarrhea and cramps, loss of sleep, vomiting etc”

But I could not contact anyone personally who has used Lypozene.

Buy lipocene?

Even after reading this if you want to go for lypozene it is your choice! Price $29.95 for one bottle ( there is buy one get one free offer)

But take plenty of water to minimize side effects.


I do not endorse lipozene whose main ingredient is fiber. Instead you have easier and cheaper ways to get fiber into your diet by consuming high fiber fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.

But if you serious about losing weight you can go for anyone of the following weigh loss products which I think are fairly good and proved.

Feel free to leave your comments/feedback below.


  1. I’m starting the diet supplement today, I will log my results as well as keep photos of my results. you are welcome to contact me regarding this, if this is what you choose.

  2. I have two friends that used it. it worked for one and not for the other…unsure what to think about it.

  3. I want to try it but unsure about the results and side effects of the pill.

  4. I’m naturally a sceptic about pills, but I guess the sensible thing to do is to find out which pills work for at least some people (without bad side-effects), then do a trial on, say, three of the most recommended pills.

    But really, I think sustained weight loss is all about diet and physical activity, though not necessarily exercise.

  5. A co-worker tried Lypozene and felt her heart racing as well as cramping and exteneded restroom visits.

    She tried my product this morning and loved how gentle it is and with-in 15 minutes was no longer hungry.

  6. how to lose weight fast says:

    I also have people I know who have use this supplement. 2 of them it didn’t work for. The other person I know lost weight but she was on the South Beach Diet and worked out regularly. So I personally think it was her regime of diet and exercise. But she swears that Lipozene helped a lot.

  7. Fat Loss 4 Idiots says:

    I agree, Lipozene is a scam. It won’t help you to lose fat but it will help you to lose health…

  8. ertongshu says:

    Yes, I must say, that is quite a discussion going on here. I feel very informed with some new natural ideas.

  9. TrimmingWeight.Com says:

    I have heard of that product too and likewise I have read alot of negative comments. I had not heard about the trapping of the throat but that on its own scares me!

    Getting fibre into your diet however can be easy enough, like you mentioned, in the more natural way.

    Start with more high fibre cereal, and eat lots of wholemeal pasta and bread. Make sure you have plenty of water though!

    How To Lose Weight

  10. Like I always say, there;s no substitute for a good and healthy diet. Add an exercise routine and you have yourself a plan!

  11. weight loss says:

    I’ve tried several types of weight loss pills and the only thing that has worked for me is exercising and moderating my food intake. These diet pill companies have been selling “hope” for so long that no one holds them accountable for their pumped up claims. It’s time to drop the hype and realize that the only thing that drops weight is eating fewer calories that you burn.

  12. The only diet pills that actually work are usually addictive, and make your body stop producing it’s own energy. I have seen many young girls start taking diet pills and not be able to stop because they just feel tired all the time when they do.

  13. Hm, very revealing post! The Lipozene ads are all over the place. I think people should face different angles of view before making decisions on purchasing a weight loss pills like that.

  14. 2 of my friends tried it and both said it was a waste of time and money

  15. Dino Delellis says:

    I agree it’s safer and a lot cheaper to get your fiber from fruits and vegetables. And you don’t have to worry about complications.

    And one must be very careful these diet supplements , and be sure to do a thorough research on them , because you might end up spending a lot more in medical bills because of this.

  16. Ive heard mixed things about the product, i guess you cant knock it till you try it lol

  17. Nasir | Online Pharmacy says:

    I have heard that Xenical is an effective weight loss medicine.

  18. You need to use extreme caution when using any weight loss pill as most are not controled by the fda. Side effect are very common. Nothing beats good old fashion excercise and healthy food choices!

  19. Kohlsuppendiät says:

    A nice post with lots of information, it’s fun to read here, only more so.



  20. Lipozene is dangerous. It’s have many side effect.

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