Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Review

Mederma Therapy for Stretch Marks

Mederma is an onion extract based topical scar removal cream from Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

Now they have also launched a stretch mark cream with onion extracts under the brand name Mederma. But this stretch mark cream is not meant for preventing stretch marks.


Mederma stretch mark cream has mainly 3 ingredients namely, Cepalin (Patented onion extract), Hyaluronic Acid (Hydrating Agent) and Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract.

Among 3 ingredients onion extract is the main active ingredient that is said to reduce skin irritation, soften the hard skin scars and change its texture and color to improve its overall appearance.

Does Mederma  really work on Stretch Marks?

Mederma stretch mark formula is derived from the original product meant for softening hard scars by changing their texture and color. That means it is meant for removing hard scars.

Stretch marks occur due to tearing of middle layer of the skin during fast skin expansion and these white marks reside in the inner layer of the skin. They are soft white lines which cannot be felt by touch, they can only be seen.

Something that is meant for removing hard scars might not work on stretch marks. But Mederma stretch mark cream has the same patented onion extract as the main ingredient like its original scar removal cream.

What do clinical trials on Mederma ingredients say?

Most of the clinical trials conducted onion extracts did not show any significant improvement on the appearance of scars. Following are the details.

Pilot Study Evaluating Topical Onion Extract as Treatment for Postsurgical Scars : This study concluded that Topical onion gel extract was ineffective in improving scar erythema and pruritus in the patients. Read more

Onion Extract Gel Versus Petrolatum Emollient on New Surgical Scars: a Prospective Double-Blinded Study: In this side-by-side, randomized, double-blinded, split-scar study, the onion extract gel did not improve scar cosmesis or symptomatology when compared with a petrolatum-based ointment. Read more

Mederma stretchmarks removal cream

Mederma Side Effects:  Not likely to cause harmful side effects.

Mederma does look like a dependable therapy for removing existing stretch marks. It is not meant for preventing them as well. So better avoid Mederma therapy. There are few proven and dependable stretch mark creams available on the market even at more economical rates.

Where to buy Mederma?:

One can buy Mederma at websites like,, etc. But better to avoid it as it doesn’t look like a dependable cream for stretch marks. However, I found that offer better deal on Medrma. Buy Mederma from DrugStore

Mederma Alternatives: Dependable and Economical Stretch Mark Creams

1. TriLastin Stretch Mark Cream:

TriLastin- SR System 2 is clinically proven cream for stretch marks that guarantees results within weeks. It offers 60 days money back guarantee on even used tubes.

With excellent user feedback, Mederma is a top rated cream for stretch marks.

Read Trilastin Review for details

2. Revitol Stretch Mark Cream:

Revitol has proven natural ingredients that are known for fading deeper scars, stimulating creation of new skin cells, making skin more firm and toned. It is very economical with its two free bottles offer.

With good user feedback, Revitol is widely recommended for both preventing and removing stretch marks.

Read Revitol Review for details


  1. health & beauty says:

    Now mderma is an onion extract based topical scar removal cream from Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC. Thanks for this tips on stretch marks.

  2. Thanks for promoting Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy. The real scam is ecresearch company adn the Trilastin prduct that don’t work.

    Sincerely satisfied Mederma Customer

    • TrIlastin really doesn’t work?

      • I tried Trilastin based on the great reviews but it did not work for me but people are different, what might work for one person will not necessarily work for another

  3. Larry F says:

    I work for a board certified plastic surgeon

    Mederma is usually what he recommends to his patients BUT some of them experience an adverse reaction to the cream, like redness, itching and having it not help at all.

    For those patients, he recommends the Dr. Max Powers Scar Serum since it is organic and chemical free, which means its hypoallergetic. Most healthy people who do not want to use Mederma use the Dr. Max Scar Serum. If you have a reaction to Mederma, then discontinue use, and try the Dr. Max Powers Scar Serum

    Scars that are pink are still healing, so using sunscreen is also VERY important. Scars turn white when they have finished healing.

    Wishing you a smooth recovery! 🙂

    • 🙂 my OB recommended Mederma for me, and i saw dramatic results ( it does give me an itchy sensation, no swelling or rash but it just feels itchy )
      i’m glad to hear surgeons actually recommend it 🙂

  4. I have a 5 month old daughter and I was lazy in applying anything to my stomach. Well i got dark stretch marks on my belly, my tighs and breasts. My stomach looked like a dried up prune, sounds bad right? On top of that the stretch marks were itchy and I have to say I did scratch them a couple of times. During the pregnancy I barely used lotion, now I wish I had.

    After I had my daughter and recovered from the pregnancy I wanted to get rid of my stretch marks. I was recommended the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark cream. It doesn’t stain my clothes, and it leaves my skin feeling soft. I ate better, exercised when I could, and I have applied the lotion on 2 times a day to those areas. I’m glad I purchased it because the stretch marks are less visible.

    Throughout the month, I kept asking my mom to see my belly. She was very glad to see my stretch marks are going away. My stretch marks are now lighter, smoother and less visible. I am happy to say the ones on my tighs are practically gone and my stomach looks less like a dried up prune! I am glad with the results so far and I’m looking forward to another month of using this lotion!

  5. I’ve been using the Lady Soma Skin & Nail Treatment as my stretch mark lotion to prevent stretch marks. I use it every morning after I shower and once again at night since I was 12 weeks pregnant.

    I am now 32 weeks and I have NO stretch marks.

    I wasnt sure if it would work for stretch marks but it did moisturize my skin and I haven’t had to deal with an itchy belly.

    I love the smell and you should wait till it dries up before you put your clothes on.

    I am going to continue using the Lady Soma Skin & Nail Treatment throughout my pregnancy and possibly afterwards to keep my skin moisturized.

  6. Gina Love 17 says:

    I have been using the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark Cream for about 5 weeks. i feel an improvement in texture and a slight improvement in the visual aspect. My stretch marks (breast , upper thigh /hip area) weren’t to bad to began with and are from having a child 9 years ago. I do have a rather sensitive sense of smell and while it doesn’t smell pleasant it’s not to strong and goes away pretty quickly. I have been using this product as directed and will continue for the recommended 12weeks.

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