Meratol Diet Pill Review

Meratol For New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution?

meratol reviewMeratol is a new weight loss pill that strike UK market recently making headline News on Daily Star UK. Though it’s being manufactured and sold by a UK company Advanced Health Ltd, it’s available worldwide. At present it could be brought only online at its official web site

Daily Star Calls it a Wonder Slim Pill

It truly looks like a magic weight loss supplement as it is capable of preventing upto 82% of dietary carbs from being absorbed by body. It has seaweed extract InSea2 as its active ingredient. This means by taking Meratol, up to 82% of the carbs you eat don’t make it your bloodstream, giving you the exact same benefit that of eating very less carbs, without starving or fasting!

For eg, in the event you eat 1000 carbs in your meal, only 180 carbs might get absorbed when the remaining 820 carbs get blocked by Meratol. Besides, it can also suppress your appetite.

Meratol isn’t just another carb blocker; it’s a powerful appetite suppressor too. It can suppress your hunger by 50%. Just one pill a day is enough to get result. Being a strong carb blocker and appetite suppressant Meratol is indeed the diet pill that everyone is looking for.

Just by taking 1 pill every single day, now you would have the ability to shed those additional pounds effortlessly. But taking more than one pill a day would be dangerous which can lead you to suffer malnutrition.

Meratol package details & cost

  • 1 Month Package – $ 55.56
  • Two Months Package – $ 100.02 ($ 50.01 per month, 10% discount)
  • 3 Months Package – $ 133.37 ($ 44.45 per month, 20% discount)
  • Four Months Package – $ 155.61 ($ 38.90 per month, 30% discount)

With 4 months package, you get Meratol at 30% discount. One bottle costing $55.56 can be purchased at only $38.90 with this package.

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Does Meratol Truly Function and Worth Trying?

Looking at the clinical study findings, it looks like a slimming pill that’s going to dominate the entire weight loss pill market in 2011 with its trade mark ingredient InSea2, sea weed extracts. It is not likely to trigger any side effects. It is not a scam as it’s being sold by Advanced health Ltd, a well known company in the UK which also sells Capsiplex.

If it works  as it did within the clinical trials, no wonder it’s going to make weight loss journey simple for numerous dieters around the world.

Go to Meratol official website for more information and to place your order


  1. Long Island Personal Trainer says:

    The nutrients in this product are not new to the weight loss community and can be purchased much cheaper.

  2. Devang Kakkad says:

    It is hard for me to believe such pills can really help losing weight without causing any side effects. i think i will have to try once. thanks for info.

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