Nordic Chili Burn Slimming Pills Review

Nordic Chili Burn Slimming Capsules

Chili Burn is a fat burning slimming capsule that works by accelerating metabolic rate to increase calorie expenditure. This product is similar to Capsiplex, the red chili extract slimming supplement which gained national attention in the UK.

Chili Burn Ingredients:

Nordic Chili Burn diet pills have many active ingredients like Green Tea leaves extract, Chili Extract, Dill Seed Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Peppermint Oil etc.

Does Chili Burn work?

Red hot chili extracts are getting popularity these days as a new invention in the weight loss industry. But very few clinical trials have been conducted so far on its ability to aid fat loss.

Chili Burn has many ingredients and no details are available online on the proportioning of the active ingredients in its formulation.

This makes it impossible to comment on Chili Burn’s effectiveness as a slimming pill. Even user feedbacks and user reviews are not available online on Chili Burn.

Where to buy Nordic Chili Burn?

Chili Burn slimming capsules can be bought from Holland and Barret. It costs nearly £16 per a box of 60 capsules.

Best Alternative Slimming Pills

Though chili based slimming pills are getting huge media exposure these days, it is too early to go for these as no user feedbacks are available online.

Better go for proven slimming pills Unique Hoodia which are made using genuine Hoodia Gordonii. They have even announced huge discounts for New Year.
Read more about Unique Hoodia.

Capsiplex is another slimming pill made from hot capsicum extract. Read Capsiplex review here.

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