The Shangri La Diet Review

What is the Shagri La Diet?

The Shangri la diet is a one-of-a-kind diet which places importance only on sugar drinks and edible oil for the purpose of loosing weight.  You could say that it probably one of the strangest as well as the one of the easiest ways of loosing weight.

According to the diet, you need to have about 100 to 400 calories of sugar water or edible oil (with no flavor) on a daily basis. This must be taken before or after meals with a spacing of one hour in between.  When drinking sugar water, it’s important to drink slowly, while taking about at least half-an-hour to complete the drink. In the case of edible oil, it’s best to have extra-light Olive oil since it lacks flavor.

This diet was discovered by the UC Berkeley professor named Seth Roberts. According to Roberts, your body weight is regulated by a system with a set point. When your weight is below your “set point”, your will feel hungrier and so will need lots of food to feel full. By changing your “set point” with the Shangri la diet, you can lower your “set point”. This is because the diet helps you to reduce your”set point” by eating food which has that has little or no flavor, but still has calories.

Reduction in the need for food caused by this diet does not mean it creates any food aversion. Everything you taste when are on the diet feels just the same way as it tasted before the diet, except that, you begin to accept you do not need food unnecessarily. This ‘aspect forms the crux of the diet, which is, to induce a person’s mind into thinking that their body requires and needs less food.

This diet does not require any calorie counting nor does it increase the body metabolism to make you loose weight. Neither do you have to change what you eat, nor do you need to exercise.  The best part of this whole process is that it does not take in the nature of a typical diet such as restricting food intake and exercising. You won’t find yourself suddenly burn off lot of calories when you are on it.

You can get more information about this diet from the book “Shangri-La Diet book” by Seth Roberts. It gives more information on the science behind the diet and insight into variations you can try depending on how much weight you want to loose.


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