The Vegan Way of Life

First, let us define the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. A vegan completely does away with any animal products in their diet and lifestyle. Even shoes and bags are a concern for vegans since leather is made from animals. The decision to become vegan encompasses every aspect of daily life.

A vegetarian, on the other hand does not eat fish, meat or poultry but may eat cheese, yogurt, eggs or milk. Several vegetarians may have fallen into the category for the sake of their health as compared to vegans, whose decision to go vegan may be attributed solely to altruism as their motive.

Being vegan can still be healthy because plant-based foods can provide the essential nutrients your body needs to function properly. A diet that is carefully studied and followed is possible and can lead to a better, stronger body, to boot.  As a bonus, insurance companies now offer discounts to vegetarian and vegan clients because of the assurance that vegetarians or vegans are healthier than omnivorous clients.

Just like any other diet, the components of a vegan diet are proteins, carbohydrates, fats vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. All these can be had from plant-based sources.  A sample vegan diet plan is as follows:

Breakfast considered as the most important meal of the day –it’s the meal that jump starts your day and keep you going. For that reason, a whole lot of carbohydrates is recommended. Lunch is the meal that will keep you going through the day. Do not make the mistake of eating high GI-food, which will release energy in a short burst which leaves you energetic for an hour, then sends you into a sugar crash, causing a general feeling of weakness and being sleepy. Ideally, low-GI foods should be eaten with proteins to supplement your body’s energy needs.

Light, yet nutritious is what a vegan’s dinner should be. Despite the fact that you won’t be eating anything for the next eight hours, you should also keep in mind that your body burns hardly any energy while you sleep. So it is safe to assume that you should not fill your stomach to the point of discomfort (unless you run marathons while you sleep!)

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