UniqueHoodia Review

Unique Hoodia Review

The already crowded weight loss pills market has been hit by another Hoodia fat loss pill/tablet called “UniqueHoodia”. I had to write this review because the company behind UniqueHoodia is well-known and reputed.

Is Unique Hoodia Really Genuine and Unique In Its Quality And Claim? Based on my research I can shout that UniqueHoodia is really unique besides being pure and authentic hoodia. It contains pure and genuine Hoodia Gordonii and Hoodia only… contains no fillers and addictives. What’s so Unique about Unique Hoodia?

  • Official website displays genuine CITES certificate that indicates Unique Hoodia slimming pill manufacturers import fresh Hoodia Gordonii legally from South Africa.
  • Website displays Certificate of analysis that states existence of normal level of P57 molecules in the Hoodia imported. This means, the imported hoodia powder is of aerial stem of Hoodia Gordonii, only part of the plant having P57 molecules.
  • Pure Hoodia Gordonii pills without any filler, addictives added. 100% hoodia Gordonii product.
  • Each Unique Hoodia box contains 90 pills of 460mg each. Most of the other hoodia brands come with 60 pills of 400mg. Researches show that taking 3-4 hoodia pills of 400-500 mg of real Hoodia Gordonii powder daily is sufficient to suppress appetite considerably and lose weight safely.
  • Fresh Hoodia Gordonii used as the company deals directly with an exporter who works directly with growers.
  • It not only curbs your appetite; but also boosts your body energy.
  • UniquHoodia doesn’t cause embarrassing bowel side-effect!
  • They ship with discreet packaging. So you don’t have to worry about your privacy.
  • Lativio LLP, the company selling Unique Hoodia is a well-known company with good customer support and positive customer feedback. The company is also seller of the famous herbal diet pill Proactol, which is known for good marketing practices and customer support.

Price factor: Unique Hoodia is definitely not a cheap product. At $55 per month I consider it to be slightly expensive. However you can save money by placing volume order. 3 months supply costs only about $40 per box and 6 months at $28 per box. Special E-voucher discount Limited Time Offer: You can get further 10% discount by entering e-voucher UHCR10  in the E-voucher box provided at the end of billing page.

I might sound biased if I don’t highlight cons, negative points and precautions to be taken  while taking Unique Hoodia. Further, purpose of this website is to bring you honest and factual product reviews.


  • UniqueHoodia, just like any other appetite suppressing diet pills, is not suitable for heavily obese people. Further it won’t work if you are an emotional eater.
  • UniqueHoodia, like other appetite suppressing diet pills, can cause dehydration. So please drink plenty of pure water.
  • Pregnant and nursing woman should avoid taking Unique Hoodia without first consulting a doctor.

Conclusion: Having given you fair cautions, I fully endorse UniqueHoodia. If you have decided to melt your fat and shed of those unwanted pounds by taking some slimming diet pills, then UniqueHoodia is a definite choice.

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  1. Blackbird says:

    yeah, I tried it , it worked to suppress appetite but only for about an hour & a half, then the effect faded. You have to keep taking more to keep hunger away. yet, strangely I could eat if I wanted to, it only made me not feel hungry – but eating was still possible.

    • Now you know why you can’t lose weight. Eating is possible when you are not hungry. By the way what you want pill to do? Make you don’t eat at all???

      yep, I tried it. It curbs my hunger and I feel energized always. I’m gonna lose about 10 pounds by this month end though I don’t like this pill’s smell 😉

  2. Awesome! says:

    Blackbird. That has to be the most retarded review ever. not helped at all. just plain retarded.

  3. Great review, as an emotional eater I wont waste my money on this product. Thanks.

    • Emotional eaters, please don’t waste your time online searching for the magic pill. It simply doesn’t exist.

      Consult your doctor quickly. Treatment is needed for your brain- not for your fat body…nothing offensive 🙂

  4. Hung Saintignon says:

    Persons, ideally, should change their views concerning food. I was unsure about acai berries until I checked it out. Your site is really good, by the way.

  5. Elite Nutrition says:

    Hoodia is effective as an
    appetite suppressant and should be used with a good diet and exercise regime

  6. hoodia patch says:

    I bought this product with the idea of losing some weight. When I first tried this product combination, I did not notice much of a change, but over the weeks the difference was noticeable. I notice this product and a little exercise a week makes great results!

  7. All I can say is that this is an amazing product and I recommend it for anyone who is over weight because they can’t control how much or how often they eat. It worked with the first pill, YOU JUST DON’T WANNA EAT!!! In addition, when you do eat you feel full after the fourth bite. Im about to take some right now.

  8. well well well, it certainly does supress your appetite. after eating a bit you do start feeling less hungry. but the problem i’m facing is that the reason i eat isnt because i feel hungry, its just that i love food and eat just for the taste. this is the reason for me being overweight…however, i am trying hard. its been 10 days since i started taking the pills and i’m beginning to eat less, i try to eat half of my portions and either leave the rest or share it with someone.

  9. Peter Molina says:

    Hi, thanks for remembering me I’m using the best Hoodia Gordonii on market. The one you are advicing it’s one of the few that works for real, thanks to P57 and to Cites documentation.

    Only the core of Hoodia Gordonii works for real, in fact I lost just 3 pounds in 1 month and half. I feel very well, and I didn-t found any side effect. So Hoodia Gordonii it’s fully approved in my diet!

    To anyone with doubts, I can only recommend to get it for a monthly tryout, and after you will see you cannot stay without!
    Thans for your article and goodbye,
    Peter Molina

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