What to Eat to Lose Weight

Eating for Weight loss; how  and what?

eating right to lose weightAre you wondering what you should eat to lose weight?  Before “going on” any of those miracle diet plans, read and learn these diet rules carefully. Unless you follow these simple rules, no diet plans, pills, potions will help you to lose weight!

Today let me share some natural and practical steps that play vital role in decreasing ones weight. That is, what to, where to, when to and how to eat. Because, it is eating habit which increases the human body weight.

-Morning Breakfast

Early rise from the bed and a healthy breakfast will give the perfect start to lose weight.

I may have slept late night; but six-seven hour sleep is good enough and two tumbler of water is must before going to table. We should eat up to 50 percent of our stomach capacity, when we eat. With this, a glass of milk or other morning beverages will add the purpose. Food stuffs containing low complex carbohydrates are always preferred as they digest soon.
Advised to eat: eggs, fruits, bread, corn flakes…etc

-Pre lunch snacks

We should always remember that we should eat once for every four hours at least. Leaving the stomach empty beyond five fours will lead to gastrointestinal problems.

So what after breakfast? Again I learnt that snacks are the better option than munching junk foods. Few biscuits with lemon tea or one potato or a mutton slice with coffee is the best example.

Advised to eat: Biscuits, vegetable salad or low fat salsa

Mid Day Lunch

Now we have arrived in the major junction. This is the stage wherein ‘real and solid food’ should go into the body. With half day over, the digestive system will naturally be ready to grind good amount of food. In simple term, lunch is something more than breakfast; both in terms of quality and quantity.

I was wondering how much should I eat? Then I got the perfect answer. As per scientific studies, one should eat up to 80 percent of his stomach capacity, unlike 50 percent for breakfast. On practicing, l learnt that eating up to 80 percent will keep me active for three or four more hours.

Advised to eat: Lunch of your choice. But avoid oily and heavy fat containing food. Or else, this will force you to doze off.

Health tip: A power nap, anywhere between 15-30 minutes will fill energy into you.

Snacks: Say it or not, everyone likes to eat snacks. Again, it should be noted that quantity of the snacks should be lesser than breakfast. Again beverages are welcome.

Advised to eat: Food rolls, burgers, hotdogs and fruit juices.

Evening Dinner:

The last step of the day; dinner. Most of us loose our grip on the food during this stage. A cocktail dinner is enough to spoil the day long food practice carried by you. Earlier, I figured it out when my colleagues put up a good show at the table and could not practice the food-diet at least for two-three days. Again we should note that not more than 75 percent of the stomach should be stuffed with the dinner. It is mandatory that you should keep at least 10-15 percent space for fruits, particularly those which help in digestion; like banana, orange and sapota.

Health tip: Take a brief walk within 30 minutes of dinner.

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