Zantrex -3 Diet Pill Review

Is Zantrex – 3 a hyped diet pill?

FTC fined Zantrex – 3 sellers for making false weight loss claims!

zantrex-3I have spent 4 hours searching for information on Zantrex – 3 fat burners. The official website does not disclose any contact details of the sellers. So I searched online for the person/company on whose name the website is registered. It is Zoller IP Holdings, LLC.

When I did little more search using its address I found that the manufacturer of Leptopril (and leptoprin) Klein-Becker is behind these diet supplements too. This company has many sister companies with the same address and has been fined by FTC for making false weight loss claims. You can read more details at

About Zantrex -3 Fat burning Pills

Zantrex -3 sellers crown the diet pill as #1 weight loss pill in America and claim to aid 546% more weight loss than the leading ephedra based diet pill on the market. However, at the bottom of the website they mention that “The “546% more weight loss” claim is based solely on Zantrx-3’s active weight-loss component”.

Their video shows people jumping from roof to roof, climbing wall etc using the huge energy they get from Zantrex -3 pills. Doesn’t it look funny?
Official website of Zantrex – 3 is full of super fast weight loss claims without giving a single proof. Surprisingly they don’t even show any user testimonial.

Zantrex – 3 Ingredients

I went through their website word-to-word to find out Zabtrex-3 ingredients. Nowhere I could get them. Finally, at the bottom of the website, in the “declaration” part it is written in very small letters that “Zantrex-3 is a xanthine-based Super Stimulant”.

After reading many Zantrex – 3 reviews I found that this pill has loads of caffeine. Most of its ingredients have caffeine and Zantrex – 3 is nothing but a very strong dose of caffeine.

Yerba mate, green tea, guarana, cocoa, kola nut, damiana, maca root, ginseng are the ingredients in Zantrex – 3 formulation.

Does Zantrex – 3 work?

It is not a clinically proven diet pill. Can this pill aid weight loss? Yes, if you are able to face side effects high caffeine dosage. Caffeine is a stimulant that creates thermogenic effect in the body and boost metabolic rate. This makes our body to burn more calories and there by lose fat. Caffeine also suppresses appetite.
But if you cannot sustain the horrendous side effects, like most of the users complain, this diet pill is not for you.

Zantrex – 3 side effects  : User Feedback

Zantrex hass high dosage of caffeine and can cause horrendous side effects. The most common side effects are racing heart rate, nausea, severe headache, sleeplessness. When take taken over a long period of time you would experience withdrawal symptoms as they are addictive.

These side effects are highlighted by many users of Zantrex -3. Some users who are doing intense exercising for body building have given positive feedback on this pill. At the end of this article I have copy pasted some user feedback on Zantex that I collected from review websites and forums.

Bottom line:

Zatrex-3 is not suitable for people who cannot sustain caffeine side effects. Even user feedback on this is not encouraging. We do not recommend this diet pill.

Our most recommended diet pill is Proactol

Proactol is a proven herbal fat binder with no side effects. Read complete review of Proactol and get discount coupons.

I have collected some user feedback that highlight Zantrex’s side effects.

  • “Today is my first day using Zantrex 3 pill. Everything was fine, until right now. It’s 4:22am and I can’t sleep. I’m trembling and my heart is beating fast and it hurts. I’m really scared.”
  • “I took Zantrex-3 at 9 pm and now it’s almost 3 am and I can’t sleep. I’ve got a stomach ache and feel like throwing up. This has never happened to me before until I started taking these pills. Today was my first day. and I’m not taking Zantrex-3 ever again. I’d recommend not to take this product because it has severe side effects. My stomach is on fire and my ears are itching now.”
  • “I purchased this product last week because it was on sale. The first day I wasn’t aware of problems other than not being able sleep well. However, on the second day about 60-90 minutes after I took it (I ate breakfast) I started to feel an upset stomach, then intermittent back pain which became intense and made it hard to walk or even stand up.   Eventually I ended up at the ER and was admitted with acute pancreatitis. I had no stones and only min to moderate alcohol use, the 2 most common causes.    I was in the hospital for 4 days. Do we know for sure the Zantrex caused it? No, and I hope no one else proves it to themselves.”
  • “This is by far the worst pill I have ever taken. After the first dose (before breakfast), I felt so sick with naseua and had the runs for 3 days straight. At first thought it wasn’t the pill, and then tried it again a week later and had almost the same affects.”
  • “This stuff should be taken off the market! After two days, two pills a day I became lightheaded and thought I was going to faint..This lasted several hours….The fact that they let this drug be marketed is beyond me..DON”T USE IT!!!!!!!”
  • “This product has a large amount of niacin in it. When I took it, I was fine for a while–a few jitters, but not much more. Eventually, I started to develop a rash. One morning, I took it and my heart started to race, and I started to itch and get red splotches all over! I looked up niacin online, and you can get too much. What Z3 contains is three times the recommended daily amount of niacin. I stopped taking it immediately!”

Think 100 times before you buy Zantrex-3 .


  1. idiot proof diet says:

    well this is really a reveling information about the Zantrex… i am surprised a lot of people use it and they didn’t even bothered to investigate about it…. this is really a informative post

  2. Sorry to hear the side effects. I always felt taking diet pills is not good idea. I always went for other things like exercise, diet. I found fat loss 4 idiots to be safe and it worked for me. Hopefully after this review no one will try diet pills.

  3. Health News and Tips says:

    Interesting to hear about.. I figured diet pills wasn’t a good idea. But, I personally know a few people who’ve taken Zantrex. It’s interesting to hear all the side effects. Very well informed post. Keep up the work!



  5. I took Zantrex-3 for first time yesterday – only 1 pill 9:45 am followed by dish of oatmeal. I felt great for approx 4 hours – no syptoms just increased energy. Approx 2pm I ate toatsted muffin and apricot/almond small fruit bar piece. Half hour later started feeling nauseous & crampy stomach slightly. Not too severe side effects. Approx 2hrs later went for a 1mile walk – feeling ok. Had dinner (rice, sliced ham -3 think pieces, 1 avacado, 1 tomatoe, 1 slice of cheese, glass of diet cola). About 2hrs later slight stomach cramps. 2hrs after that went to bathroom & bed approx 11:30pm. I couldn’t sleep as had cramps in stomach & had diarrhea 5 times & vomitted twice.

    All this on only 1 pill at 9:45am. I rarely drink coffee but drink diet soda a few times per wk. I could not sleep properly due to stomach pains & couldn’t wait for pill to get out of my system.

    Maybe I didn’t eat enough food or the right food for dinner?


    • leeanna says:

      Ive been taking Zantrex3 for the past week. Ive not had any real bad side affects except for when i took two of them and didn’t eat for 2 hours. then i learned that if i take two that i have got to eat like the box says within the 15 minutes after taking it and that i had to drink nothing but water when i take the pills. ive only been taking 1 at a time because when i take 2 i get way to much energy. If you take them and you don’t do as the box says you will have bad side affects. it also says on the box and the website that if you are not use to having so much caffeine then you will have bad side affects because you can easily have to much caffeine and says that if you are sensitive to niacin not to take it because you will have bad side affects..if you take it and you don’t have good effects from it then you shouldn’t take it again. thank you for telling about how it effected you though it helped me know what to look for in case i take to much. & i am sorry you had bad side affects. ive lost a few pound since taking it and because ive not had any bad effects from it im going to keep taking use to the caffeine.

  6. Today is day 4 taking Zantrex-3 and the LAST DAY! I have lost 1 lb BUT I have been miserable the whole time while on these pills. The directions SUCK! First of all, it says to take 2 pills before your main meals???!!! Thats a really dumb idea considering most people have dinner after 5 pm..then your stuck staying up all night due to the jittery, hyper, racing heart until the stuff wears off!!! My stomach feels like its constantly burning and I have been so on the edge that I snap at any little thing that does not go my way. i am not normally that way either. I will just stick to eating healthy, exercise and drinking coffee if I need energy.

    • leeanna says:

      Have you tried only taking one of the morning with your breakfast? i only take one of the morning and it last me all day. i dont go by the box i go by what works for me and taking only one pill a day works for me..ive found that if taking two pills i get two hyper and my heart races and everything BUT it only last maybe 30minutes then goes away. try taking one pill a day with breakfast or lunch and see if that works for you..if it doesnt dont take them anymore. sorry you had a bad effect from them. and thanks for sharing

  7. Christina says:

    I purchased this product before reading the reviews. I have been taking it for a week now and have already noticed significant results however I feel that is because it makes you sick to your stomach so all food sounds disgusting. I have not thrown up from the product yet but according to other’s review they have. I am going to continue taking it for another week and see if the pros outweigh the cons. This is thought to be an extreme dose of caffeine however, my body can tolerate caffeine but this stuff is killing my stomach! (Even with a full glass of water and a meal 15 min later.)

  8. I took Zantrex-3 for 8 months and lost a 40 pounds. One night all i remember is getting up to go to the bathroom. 2 week’s later I woke up in the hospital with a new shoulder, pins in my elbow and a bar in my arm. I was told the fall was so bad they had so much to repair and replace because my entire upper arm was sharted. They had said that the Zantrex-3 had sucked the life out of me and broke down all my electrolyte etc etc. I had no side effects up to this day. No staying up late etc. Well i did lose the weight and of course gained it all back. But now I have limited use of that arm and a scars from my neck to my elbow.

  9. manda . says:

    The reason it is ‘ number one wieght loss ‘ is because the trick to no side effects is not to eat anything 20 mins before taking and nothing after . I must admit , it seems to work .
    A friend of mine has been taking them for over a month now and has lost atleast over 20 lbs . Not exactly the healthiest solution , but she looked amazing for grad ..

  10. this is the worst diet pill ever. i have not slept since 5 am this morning. i know i am tired. but i can’t sleep. i took 2 pills at 11 am…i just want to go to sleep so badly. i had to call off work cuz i know i am tired and i am moody well i ended up quitting my job because i cannot go to a doctor and an ER bill is 200 screw that.this pill is terrible!!!I HATE IT!!!!!!!!

  11. like this review said, its not for everyone, i just dont like how who ever posted this review didnt post up any of the good reviews, well here is my review, i love this dietary supplement, it helps me lose a decent amount of weight and helps me power through my workouts, for those of you taking it at 9 PM at night you are retarted, follow the instructions, take it 15-30 minutes before a meal, night 2-3 hours before you go to bed, for the people with the jitters getting annoying, do what i did use the energy to power yourself through a vigorous workout, dont expect to take the pill and then sit on your ass its not gonna happen, thats not what its for, so like i said i had no problems with it what so ever, also with the eating dont eat a normal sized meal like you normally would after 15-30 minutes after taking this pill because it is a dietary supplement, meaning its supposed to help you feel fuller faster, and you people wonder why you get nauseous after eating….. thats just my .02 cents

  12. I just started this product today. I obviously didn’t do any research before now.

    I took 2 pills around 4:00 with 20 oz of water ate then proceeded to workout. Everything went find, until now… it is 2:30 & I can not sleep.

    I am scared to take any tomorrow due to what I have read on a few websites and the fact that I need sleep to keep up with my 16 month old.

    I am only trying to lose 6 lbs in order to fit in my jeans from last year. I just don’t know if it is worth it.

  13. I have been taking these pills for over 9 days now and I won’t lie I have lost 8lbs. Everything was great a first but now I can’t sleep at all, I have severe diahrrea, massive stomach pains and I feel awlful. I’m looking for something else the weigh loss isn’t worth this much pain and suffering!

  14. I took Zantrax 3 twice in one day 2 pills each tme. I have not slept yet. I feel like I am having a heart attack. I took the pills at 8 am and 1 pm. I worked out for 20 minutes after taking them and drank lots of water. It is now 7:23 AM and still have not slept. Not sure if I should seek the ER as I have no medical insurance. How long does it take to wear off does anyone know? I will be throwing the bottle away. My kidneys hurt too.

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