Zerona Laser Treatment for Quick Fat Loss

Zerona Laser Treatment for quick slimming

How nice it would have been if one could drop 2 dress sizes in just 2 weeks without dieting and exercising? Are you waiting for an easy painless method to lose those extra pounds quickly without dieting, exercising and popping pills? Then you have some good news here.

Painless Laser gets rid of fat

This week The Sun newspaper has reported about a painless method of getting rid of fat… a special laser that literally ZAPS the fat out of you!

BOFFINS have invented a laser (Zerona laser) which ruptures the fat cells stored under the skin and aids slimming instantly.

How does Zerona Laser work?

The Zerona Laser emits cold laser energy which passes over the skin and breaks the fat cell membranes under the skin. This rupturing of fat cells results in leakage of fat stored in those cells which then moves out of the body naturally.

Thus Zerona laser therapy removes fat stored under the skin without damaging skin and tissues.

As per a study conducted, whose finding were put in front of American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery in 2008, patients lost an average of 5-6 inches from their waists, hips and thighs in a matter of a few weeks.

It is a painless therapy and does not leave any scars on the skin.

How much Zerana Laser therapy costs?

It costs around £1000 (around $1500) for 6 forty minute sessions.

Zerona Laser side effects

As it is a new method of removing fat the long term effects are not known. In short run it is not likely to cause any side effects.

Zerona Laser is not for obese people!

It can not cut through the layers of fat and so does not work on obese people. It is meant for slightly overweight who are planning to get rid of the extra fat under skin.


  1. Where where where where can I find it in Australiaaaaaaaaaaa?????????????

  2. Martin says:

    I spent a lot of money for the treatments in Mademoiselle Fitness in London-Ontario. I drank 2l of water every day, took the pills and lived very healthy. I did measurement before and after 6 treatments it was still the same- not 1 cm on my belly. My advise is: SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

  3. hemanth says:

    dear,sir iam hemanth my age 29.but my weight 76.i want zerona laser treatment pls given contact no. Thanks

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