Zotrim Diet Pill – Daily Mail refers it as Answer to Weight Loss Prayers!

Zotrim, The Calorie Conqueror says Daily Mail

Zotrim was featured on Daily Mail, The Telegraph and Marie Claire after it was found effective as an appetite suppressing weight loss supplement in a study conducted recently.

According to the latest study conducted by scientists at University of Liverpool, Zotrim, UK’s famous herbal slimming supplement can “cut one’s calorie intake by a fifth and even cure a sweet tooth”.

The study was conducted on 58 women who were given either a dummy pill or Zotrim in the morning. Those on Zotrim ate on average 132 fewer calories during lunch even after they were asked to eat as much as want.

If the effects were replicated throughout the day, the pill would cut a dieter’s daily count by 400 or 500 calories.

Researcher Dr Jason Halford, an obesity expert, said the findings suggest that Zotrim has a ‘robust’ effect on a dieter’s appetite, which could help them lose weight.

Zotrim has Strong Clinical Study Backings

1. Another study credited the Zotrim pills with helping women lose an average of 11lb in six weeks – those taking a dummy drug lost less than 1lb.

2. Previous research has shown that Zotrim can help overweight women lose an average of two inches from their waists in just four weeks. Some of those taking part shed five inches from their middles.

3. In a separate study on overweight health care workers, volunteers felt better able to resist snacking, control portion sizes and avoid emotional eating when taking Zotrim.

Zotrim inventor Dr Lasse Hessel said the pill ‘helps people cheat on their own stomach’.

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